Mission Journal

In the spirit of the missionary journal I referred to yesterday, I thought I’d drop a few entries from my missionary journal once in a while. Here are a few, more or less at random:

March 8, 1984 (first real day of missionary work): Well, today started out horribly. None of our appointments showed up. We then proceeded to knock doors. My first door was slammed in my face. My companion said that had never happened to anyone in Bolivia, as far as he knew. By the afternoon, we still hadn’t talked to anyone. At about ten, we took a micro [bus] to Villa Satelite to get some filmstrips from the zone leaders. They really pack the people in on those buses. I also learned one thing: cholitas [women dressed in traditional Bolivian clothes] stink! The missionaries call it “cholaroma.” Anyways, after a pretty dead afternoon with no success, we visited two girls whose family should be baptized within the next couple of weeks [they weren’t]. Then we gave the second charla [discussion] to a guy named Morgan and his wife. Right after the charla, he asked, “How do I get baptized? What do I have to do?” I was blown away [he and his wife were baptized but never came to church thereafter].

March 23, 1984: Today sucked. We knocked doors and then had a charla with a weird old man who said Christ had 7 eyes and 7 horns. His daughter was cool, though. Later we taught a guy who was maybe 21 or so and a total fog [mission slang for “none too bright”]. I think he let us in because he didn’t know what we wanted. Later we had a charla with a real geek. This old man was yelling at us during the charla. He said he believes in Christ, so he doesn’t have any sins and is perfect. Today reaffirmed to me that there was an Apostasy.

September 2, 1984: Church started really late because President Siles didn’t get there on time with the keys. The two ladies we baptized, Veronica and Andrea, came to church, and we took some pictures. They said they liked getting baptized so much they want to do it again. I had to give the prayer, and Elder S taught Sunday School. We both blessed the sacrament. This guy named Altamirano prepared the sacrament. We found out he’s not a member! This branch is really screwed up. I guess I can handle it. We went to a stupid district meeting and then went home to bed.

2 Responses to Mission Journal

  1. Mina says:

    Oh dear lord! Can’t decide if I should laugh or cry.

  2. runtu says:

    Same here. I chose the first one deliberately but the other two at random. I’ll have to find something more uplifting, if there is anything.

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