What I’m Up To This Week

What I’m reading: Che Guevara: A Revolutionary Life, by Jon Lee Anderson.

What I’m watching: 24 marathon on DVD with my wife.

What I’m listening to:
Jimi Hendrix Experience – Are You Experienced?
MIA – Arular
Dandy Warhols – Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia
X – Live in Los Angeles
Juanes – Fíjate Bien
Wilco – Sky Blue Sky
The Ricky Gervais Show podcasts


6 Responses to What I’m Up To This Week

  1. zackc says:

    I got that Hendrix Album. It’s the only greatest hits album I’ve found that has all his hits.

    Che Guavara is an interesting figure…not sure why he’s become such an icon. [although he did die pretty badass], but he’s certainly become popular with dissident college students.

  2. TxAgQ8 says:

    what I’d suggest you read: more National Review. Maybe Adam Smith’s “The Wealth of Nations”. Some early Larry McMurtry (pre Lonesome Dove & prior to his work on the screenplay for Brokeback Mountain)

    what I’d suggest you watch: Fox News (especially Greta Van Susteren). Tru TV (it used to be Court TV) South Park

    what I’d suggest you listen to: the new B-52s album “Funplex”…every song is good, although “Love In The Year 3000” & “Deviant Ingredient” get stuck in my head. Also anything at all by Frank Zappa should be required listening during an election year. I’ve always been fond of “He’s Got $50 Million in His Heavenly Bank Account”.

    Basically just wanted to say howdy, Runtu…..right now I am in full agreement w/ your kids in that I miss the warm Texas rain. It’s been sort of dryish at the house for last 6 weeks or so…althoough I was E of Conroe on a drilling rig (the same kind of rig that ought to be scaring caribou in ANWR) and got caught out in a 15 minute lunchtime shower.

  3. sideon says:

    I’ve been listening to Juanes for months… LOVE his stuff. He’s not bad on the eyes, either.

  4. runtu says:

    Hey, Gary, good to see you. Yeah, I read National Review pretty regularly. But then I also read The Nation.

    Love the B-52s and Zappa and South Park, too.

    Sideon, Juanes is amazing.

  5. TxAgQ8 says:

    LOL Yeah but I bet you never figured a tobacco-chewing, beer drinlking, retired Army guy, used-to-rodeo-during-his-misspent-adolescence, works in the oil patch Texas Aggie would be listening to Zappa or the B-52s. Didja?

  6. TxAgQ8 says:

    Oh and I almost forgot…for journalistic balance I read National review and New Republic, rather than the Nation.

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