The Book of Mormon Proves Itself False

From my good friend Chris Smith:

Parley Pratt wrote in 1838 that the Book of Mormon

set the time for the overthrow of our government and all other Gentile governments on the American continent, but the way and means of this utter destruction are clearly foretold, namely the remnant of Jacob [the Indians] will go through among the Gentiles and tear them to pieces, like a lion among the flocks of sheep.…This destruction includes an utter overthrow, and desolation of all our cities, Forts, and Strong Holds—an entire annihilation of our race, except such as embrace the covenant, and are numbered among Israel.

Pratt also added,

I will state as a prophecy, that there will not be an unbelieving Gentile upon this continent 50 years hence; and if they are not greatly scourged, and in a great measure overthrown, within five or ten years of this date, then the Book of Mormon will have proved itself false.

It would appear that according to this early Mormon apostle, the case is closed. The Book of Mormon is false; game over.

Good night, everybody!


19 Responses to The Book of Mormon Proves Itself False

  1. zackc says:

    He was speaking as a man…even though he said he was stating prophecy. And he had his fingers crossed too.


  2. Jack Fuller says:

    Me and the Danites know where you live and are coming after you!!!

    The Masked Mormonite Avenger


  3. Chris says:

    Thanks for the plug, John!

  4. zackc says:

    *I need to write something worth plugging*

    Good find Chris actually. But it doesn’t matter what you show people, some of these folks have glued their hands over their eyes and “peek a boo” is just one letter short of what they want to do with their wives when they unplug from this the Net.

  5. Mark says:

    I am a mormon and my faith is not shaken by this. I wonder if I have blind faith or if I am an “apologist”. Not too sure what your view on faith is. I know if I held the statements of science up as the gold standard I would see plenty of contradictions. If I hold the gold standard as the Bible, could I say the bible proves itself false because the OT says the Savior will be called Immanuel, and yet the NT calls him Jesus? I think what you are dealing with is people who have a deep spiritual belief and statements such as the ones quoted don’t amount to much at all. Any more than protestants and catholics would not denounce their faith because of an apparent “contradiction” in the bible’s naming of our Lord.

    Certainly intelligent minds can disagree, as we saw in today’s supreme court ruling on the 2nd amendment. Even when the language is painfully clear, there are those who would twist the words to mean otherwise.

    I noticed some of the other comments appear to peg mormons as blind to the reality of their faith. Let me ask you and these people, if you expect me to denounce my faith over a post such as this, would you be willing to meet me 1/2 way and entertain the possibility that Christ did appear to Joseph Smith? If we are denouncing closed minds on this blog, I would hope you could be an example of an open mind. Thanks for the thought provoking blog. Faith is a journey, I hope you enjoy yours.

  6. runtu says:


    Lighten up. No one expects you to “denounce” your faith over a light-hearted little post. Let me clue you in on something: I didn’t post this because it’s a dagger to the heart of Mormonism. I posted it because it’s funny. Apparently Chris thinks it’s funny, too, or he wouldn’t have said, “Game over. Good night, everybody!”

    I can’t tell whether I should find it funny or sad that you took this as a serious assault on Mormonism.

  7. sideon says:

    Runtu… thank you for the best chuckle I’ve had all morning.

  8. I actually just read the scripture upon which this prophecy is based. Check out: 3 Nephi 20:14-23. Verse 23 is one of the best because it asserts that Joseph Smith is like Jesus. Oh, bare in mind that this is Jesus speaking at this point.

  9. Whoops… my bad. I misread verse 23. Please disregard the last part of my previous comment.

  10. Mark says:

    It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been accused of having a lame sense of humor or defensive. I will take your advice and lighten up.

    Having said that the example I quoted about the OT and NT “contradiction” (which isn’t when you understand the context) actually came from Japan. That is to say, I have a friend who is converted from Shinto to Christianity. During his investigation of Christianity he read some literature that “proved” Christianity false. The literature quoted the example of the OT calling the Savior “Immanuel” and the NT calling him “Jesus”. Being knew to Christianity he didn’t quite know how to take that. I dare say most Christians could quickly address that. Later he read the book of John in the New Testament. It was during that reading that he came to know Christ as God’s Spirit entered his heart.

    Have a nice weekend!

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  12. B.G. Smith says:

    This is all you’ve got? Really. This is it? Some quote from Parley P. Pratt who 1) was not the Prophet and 2) was not speaking on behalf of the Church, nor was his statement endorsed by it.

    Really, you’ve got to do better than that.

    Read the Book of Mormon. Really read it. With an open heart…with the same “open eyes” you hope that Mormons will read this post, then, come back and tell me what you really feel. Most people are too afraid to let down their guard and read the Book of Mormon–to take that leap into the possibility that it might be true. Letting yourself believe–that’s something few people are brave enough to do.

    No. It’s these little quotes that help reassure people like you that everything is ok with the world. The Mormons really are wrong. No need to panic. No need to put forth an ounce of effort…just go on with your daily routine, you’re comfortability in what you’re used to.

    Isn’t it the cruelest irony that the one thing that people against the Mormons want the Mormons to do (open their eyes and let in the possibility that they might be wrong) is the SAME thing that those against the Mormons aren’t willing to do themselves?

  13. Akira says:

    Fortunately, the US Army saved America from succumbing to the Mormon Ayatollahs!

    “US Military Crushed Mormon Theocracy”

  14. runtu says:

    Brother Smith,

    Once again I can say nothing about the humor-impaired but “lighten up.”

    I can’t believe how many people actually think this is a serious knock against Mormonism. It makes my head hurt.

  15. B.G. Smith says:

    Runtu…couldn’t you have at least put a wink 😉 or a smiley of some sort to set us off that this was simply humor? I found this link on the mainpage of WordPress and took it for what it was.

  16. runtu says:

    Sorry, BG. I thought Chris’s “game over” and “good night, everybody!” were enough, without necessitating a smiley.

    There are plenty of indications that the Book of Mormon isn’t an ancient record of the Nephites, but that wasn’t my point.

  17. Brad says:

    Joseph Smith = a softer version of David Koresh

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