The Battle for the iPod

Roughly six months ago, I bought a used iPod from my oldest daughter, who had saved up enough money for a new one. It’s nothing special, just a “mini” with 4 GB storage capacity.

I felt like I had moved into the 21st century, well at least I did for approximately four days. Then my middle daughter asked if she could borrow it for a trip she was taking. With that, the iPod was gone.

Over the following months, this daughter claimed not to know where the iPod was when I asked her about it, but I had scattered reports from other children that she had been seen with it on her person. In truth, I kind of forgot about the whole thing, as it was a minor incident. But I did ask on more than one occasion where it was, and again I received the “I don’t know” shrug.

Last week I got in our van to go to work, and there it was, on the floor between the front seats. When I got home, I told my daughter I had found the iPod and was looking forward to using it.

“Why?” she asked. “There’s nothing on there you would like.”

“Precisely,” I smiled. “I never got the chance to put anything I like on it.” And with that, I removed the playlists and put my own on. Frankly, I like my eclectic tastes better than her current fixation on cookie-cutter pseudo-Emo bands.

So, six months late, I’m in the 21st century now.


12 Responses to The Battle for the iPod

  1. Congratulations! I have a 4GB that I have yet to use. I’ve mostly just been using it as a glorified USB drive (for transferring files from one computer to another). I have so much music in my iTunes, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with whittling it down to only 4GB. Currently I’m saving up for a 160GB iPod in the hopes that will keep at least a majority of my music collection…

  2. That’s funny. My kids fight over my hand-me-down iPods. I gave my Shuffle to my nine year old, but now he wants my 40-gig video iPod that has my whole collection on it. Yeah, right! I also have a Nano that I keep by the treadmill solely for audio book use. I feel a little guilty having two, but hey, I just LOVE them. It’s amazing how such a little sleek device can inspire so much pleasure and devotion.

  3. Thayne says:

    Boy, am I glad that I went cheap when MY kids needed an MP3 player. I bought them both little 1GB players from Creative Labs, which they used daily for about a week and weekly for about a month. They are both lost now, I think. I didn’t see them being used on the long trip to Southern Utah this weekend.

    If I only had 4GB, I would fill it with podcasts.
    And Willie Nelson.

    Stop laughing.

  4. K*tty says:

    That is such a cute story. You should send it to Reader’s Digest.

  5. So, please share. What’s on your iPod right now?

  6. runtu says:

    What’s on (I have it on shuffle at the moment):

    Alison Krauss
    Annie Lennox
    Arctic Monkeys
    Art Brut
    The Beatles
    Bob Dylan
    Bruce Springsteen
    Buddy Holly
    The Clash
    The Corrs
    The Cure
    Damien Rice
    The Damned
    David Bowie
    Diana Krall
    The Doors
    Elvis Costello
    English Beat
    Flaming Lips
    Franz Ferdinand
    Ghostland Observatory
    Green Day
    Hackensaw Boys
    Iggy Pop
    Imogen Heap
    Jimi Hendrix
    Johnny Cash
    The Killers
    Led Zeppelin
    Mary Chapin Carpenter
    Neil Young
    The Police
    Peter Gabriel
    Psychedelic Furs
    Public Image Ltd.
    Sex Pistols
    The Shins
    The Who

  7. For an old dude, you’ve got some good music taste.

  8. erlybird says:

    My first “Mini” is still in my possession. I use it once in while. But when the first “Nano” came out I had to have one for working out…alas, the “Mini” already seemed to heavy to have along while I ran. That one got fried somehow, so I gave myself the go-ahead for a new one which then got “washed” when I found it in my pants pocket while folding the laundry. Ack!

    If I were a responsible adult I would have punished myself for not having taken care of such a possession, but, since I am not, I went out and bought the newest little “Nano” with the video.

    What do I use my “Nano” for? Audiobooks, Baby, audiobooks.

  9. ouestdieu says:

    Don’t even get me started on the pseudo-emo bands! These kids have no clues what emo actually is. Your darling child should take some music advice from you!

  10. OK….now I feel really guilty. I have an 80 GB Wolverine MVP which I use for movies; a 1 GB iPod shuffle for walking and working out; and my 32 GB iPod Touch that I have the majority of my music and some of my movies on. I also use the Touch as a mini-computer. It kind of works like a Blackberry without the phone. I can check email and websites quickly on it without having to bother with my PC.

    My playlist includes the following albums:

    Avenue Q
    Styx Caught in the Act
    A Chorus Line
    Come Sail Away-The Styx Anthology
    Elizabeth Scott Album (my recordings)
    Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
    Jekyll and Hyde
    Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End
    Return to Paradies-Styx
    Spring Awakening
    Stadium Arcadium-Red Hot Chilli Peppers
    Styx Greatest Hits
    Sweeney Todd

    Sex and the City Seasons 4 and 6
    Work Out Season 2
    The LIttle Mermaid
    The Three Muskateers
    Pirates of the Carribean: At World’s End
    The Thomas Crown Affair

  11. SillyNut says:

    Damn. I just got a 1GB MP3 player. And I thought I was doing good, lol.

    I bought 256mb players for $12 for my kids. They were SanDisk so they’re good. They lose ’em, I don’t care.

  12. Seven says:

    Hi Runtu, my first time on your blog 🙂 Love it!
    You have great taste in music

    Right now I am really into:
    Remy Zero-“Save Me” & “Fair” are my favs
    Joshua Radin-all of his music “Winter” and “Closer”(my very favorite song)
    The Pixies-“”Where’s my Mind” from Fight Club
    Snow Patrol-“Chocolate” “Run”
    Howie Day-love all his music
    Depeche Mode-too many to list
    Travis-“Side” “Sing”
    Cold Play-love it all
    Dave Matthews Band
    Gavin Rossdale (from the band Bush)
    Ryan Adams-“Wonderwall” and Elizabethtown sdtk
    Led Zeppelin
    Del Amitri “Tell Her” “Driving with the Brakes on” “Downfall”
    Counting Crows
    Tom Petty
    Super Tramp
    Garden State Soundtrack
    The Shins-“Phantom Limb” “New Slang”
    The Sundays
    Aviril Lavigne
    David Grey
    The Afters-“A beautiful love”
    Fleetwood Mac
    Rufus Wainwright
    Eddie Vedder
    Keith Urban
    Damien Rice
    Sarah Mac
    Josh Groban
    Neil Young-“Philadelphia” my fav.
    Thirteen Senses-“into the fire”
    The Killers
    One Republic

    I love movie soundtracks so I have tons and tons of them
    *I could go on forever so I’ll stop now

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