Too Much Hate

I’ve mentioned before that I have had all kinds of hatred spewed at me, and often it’s been said that it’s my reasonable and civil demeanor that makes me all the worse an ex-Mormon. The theory goes that I am being “nice” while saying the most hateful and evil things about the Mormon church. Why, how could anyone object to such a nice guy, they say? That’s all the more reason to hate me.

The latest piece of invective: “Runtu = the Mark Hoffman [sic] of the exmormon world.” For those of you who don’t know, Mark Hofmann killed two people to cover up his scheme to make money and discredit Mormonism by selling forged documents to the LDS church. I don’t know about you, but my jaw dropped at this unbelievable bit of hate and demonization. As I said to the person who made that post, Mark Hofmann murdered my friend’s brother, and I would never compare even my worst enemy to Mr. Hofmann.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been up front about where I stand toward the Mormon church. I don’t hate the church, though I went through a period of real anger and feelings of betrayal, which I think are natural. But I got over it. I don’t wish the LDS church ill, and I sure as heck don’t expect it to go away anytime soon. It works for millions of people, and that is fine with me.

That said, I do not believe that Mormonism is true or that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God. The evidence is clear to me, though I respect others who have reached different conclusions. What I post here and on LDS-related message boards is what I am thinking, or what is important to me at a given moment. I don’t set out to destroy Mormonism (as if you could) or to sow doubts in believers’ hearts. I just try to tell the truth, as I see it.

If anything, I feel sorry for people who are so determined to have enemies that they see things in such stark terms. But in the end, they are the ones who have to live with themselves and their skewed view of things.


17 Responses to Too Much Hate

  1. SillyNut says:

    OMG! Who, or where, would someone say such an ignorant thing?

  2. Honorentheos says:

    I was wondering where your new sig-line at Madb came from. I liked the old one better. And I wondered where it came from (the old one that is)? Your friend had a great point then that seems to apply all the more given the subject of this article.

    In some ways I think that it is one of the challenges of any ideology to hold to your values in the face of senseless hate or misunderstanding. Good post, both in content and demeanor.

  3. To the believer, the parallel is obvious, Runtu. You fabricate evidence against the church and murder the souls of unsuspecting victims. Search your feelings; you know it to be true…

  4. sideon says:

    I refuse to be a part of any religion that demonizes gays and lesbians.

    I also stay away from hideous and secret underwear.

    I’m all for truth, too, which is anathema to Mormonism (because burning-in-the-bosom feelings will always trump facts and rationality).

    Whoever compared you to Hoffman is a fucktard.

  5. This goes without saying, but it is appropriate in this case. You are a wonderful person.

  6. zackc says:

    If I recieved a bit of the crap you’ve caught I would have withdrew from the message board world long ago Runtu. Frankly I don’t know why they go after you…perhaps they recognize someone sensitive enough to actually feel the victrol [as opposed to some posters who seem cast from iron]. You’re strenght is your weakness. You’re humanity.

  7. OutontheFarm says:

    Wow. I respect you even more. I don’t know how you stay reasonable and kind in the face of such ugliness. Keep it up – it’s driving them crazy.

  8. I agree with you Runtu after reading alot of LDS books thier ‘system’ is unbelievable…

  9. The LDS cult is one step below the Scientologists when it comes to insane dogmas and the extensive systemic brainwashing that the “followers” are forced to endure. The Bishops have always been behind the curve – whether it is racist hate-mongering, or blood atonement (vigilante injustice). They always find a way to re-interpret the supposedly infallible word of the Profits. These dopes need to be ridiculed and humiliated with the worst of them.

  10. runtu says:

    I don’t think their “system” is unbelievable. Otherwise, how do you explain millions of believers? True, I don’t believe it, but I don’t begrudge others their belief.

    johnnypeepers: I’m not sure how spewing vitriol back at Mormons helps anything. Mormons aren’t “dopes,” and they don’t need to be ridiculed and humiliated. Obviously, Mormons don’t have a monopoly on ugly and hateful rhetoric.

  11. You are right runtu, I was not being very constructive. I reckon I was subconsciously lashing out at all Mormons due to my horrible experience being molested by one in a Provo boy’s school. The “rank and file” are largely wonderful people. I take issue with the leadership though.

  12. cindybin says:

    To the above poster, the LDS church does not “demonize” gays and lesbians, and there is nothing “secret” about the “Mormon underwear” or garments. There are so many misconceptions about the LDS Church. I wish I could go into them here but there isn’t enough room or time. ~Cindy

  13. runtu says:


    Sideon is a gay former member of the church. I’m quite sure he is speaking from experience.

  14. Crossbuster says:

    I agree with Johnny’s first comment.

    Millions of people doing something stupid does not nullify the stupidity of the act. Billions of people can rise up in favor of any number of illogical systems and horrendous acts by being coerced into it.

    I find myself nauseous every time I have a debate with a Mormon and they tell me their religion is misunderstood. The moment they attempt to clarify their position I am reminded that it really is as bad as I think it is. Runtu, you cannot reason with people who do not want reason. They will polarize and polarize and pick and nip at everything they can before you are ever given a fair legitimate listen.

    Most people are not interested in the truth, they are interested in the truth that favors themselves, their fears, insecurities. They will swallow every fallacy generated by their unreasonable paranoia in order to NOT accept the truth.

    Flame away.

  15. runtu says:

    Here’s the problem. You may think that Mormonism is stupid or irrational, but you will never get anywhere with anyone by mocking and ridiculing them. And frankly, I don’t recognize the poor, deluded, brainwashed folks you describe. My family is still mostly Mormon, and they aren’t at all what you describe.

  16. sideon says:

    Cindy, Cindy, Cindy (I’m using my condescending Mormon-tone, here).

    Please tell the gay men and women who’ve been ostracized from their families and communities by their oh-so-loving Mormon communities, the gay men and women who’ve killed themselves or who’ve been beat up or abused… please tell those folks they’ve not been “demonized.” I’m really curious what word you WOULD use, when and if you get the room or the time to do so.

    As for garments. Yes, they are secret (shhh! Don’t talk about them outside of the temple!), and yes, they are hideous – they’re latter-day burkas.

  17. ditchu says:

    I find it intresting how many comment here do not have the understanding of the Churches they bash. (I do not include Runtu in this because he has shown reserve and targets the items he wants to say.) Runtu, you do not seem to spout the broad accusations of many of your commentors and I do appreciate that you base your comments in some substance.

    There is too much hate in just these comments above to justify themselves. I would hope for more understanding from the Crowd, but it seems to be the Crowd that holds to no understanding but blind hate. It sorrows me to see the depressing and emotional messages in these comments that are just trying to mask their anger, and that anger comes from What? I do not understand the hatefulness of many of these comments.

    Peace, true peace. Be still your soul, and listen. Let the Hate evade you and then in wisdom contribute to the betterment of Man.

    God bring peace in your life,

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