Top Ten New Shows on BYU-TV This Fall

10. Dude, Where’s My Testimony? Young church members stage an intervention to resuscitate a struggling member’s faith. New profiles each week.

9. The Moment of Truth (hosted by Boyd K. Packer): Aaronic Priesthood boys are hooked up to a lie detector and asked about their little factories.

8. Whose Fault Is It, Anyway? Each week host Richard G. Scott stares at an abuse victim, pleading for them to acknowledge their part in the abuse.

7. Are You Smarter Than an Apologist? Match wits with apostles on such topics as the Global Flood, the Limited Geography Theory, Tapirs, and Macahuitls.

6. Elder Dexter. Apostle by day, serial killer by night (Brigham Young would have loved him!).

5. Don’t Forget the Keywords! Hilarity ensues as contestants try to beat the clock in giving signs, tokens, and keywords at the veil.

4. Straight Eye for the Queer Guy. Live from the Kimball Tower on the BYU campus, watch our team of “straighteners” use electroshock and porn to help contestants get ready for their temple weddings.

3. Extreme Makeover, Temple Edition. Watch host Gordon B. Hinckley supervise construction of unnecessary and unwanted temples.

2. Desperate Housewives. Join host Julie Beck for new ways of self-denial and submission.

1. Survivor: Orem. Contestants are dropped into large Mormon families, with challenges such as cleaning up baby barf, changing diapers, armwrestling kids through Family Home Evening, and staying awake during scripture study. Viewer discretion is advised.


6 Responses to Top Ten New Shows on BYU-TV This Fall

  1. lol!

    Funny you should mention #6. I just got done watching an episode of Dexter.

    9, 3, and 2 were my favorites.

  2. GBSmith says:

    I stumbled across your site some time ago and really enjoyed reading your mission memoirs and am still looking forward to when they’re published. I sympathized with you as you wrote about you loss of faith and the stress it’s placed on your families. Your writing about coming to grips with being out of the church and the grief you’ve felt has been very moving. But I have to tell you that the top ten lists are sounding more and more like cheap shots and the rehash of your problems with the LDS church’s history as in your next to last post are sounding more and more like a broken record. You know, it may be time to move on. Just a thought.

  3. runtu says:

    Hi, GB,

    I just write whatever I am thinking and feeling, and today I’m feeling a little sarcastic. And heaven knows I’ve earned the right to take cheap shots at the church. Lighten up.

  4. GBSmith says:

    just an observation. no need to get tense about it.

  5. Odell says:

    Runtu, very funny. But please take it easy on the church. It breaks my heart when you poke fun at it.

  6. jennifer says:

    I don’t know if you actually watch moment of truth (i LOVE it!!), but there have been three mormons on so far that would never pass the temple recommend test.

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