A little schadenfreude?

Maybe I’m being really petty (OK, I am being really petty), but I thought this was quite funny. A friend pointed out a blog wherein a recently moved Mormon woman did a little venting about her former ward:

A Cautionary Tale

It seems the former ward members caught wind of it, and hilarity ensued:

See my point

Some of this is priceless. It’s totally predictable that they would cite Bednar’s talk about how someone who is offended by the words or actions of another is at fault for choosing to be offended. Here’s what one sister said:

Heather – I’m a BIG fan of the talk “Be ye not offended”, by Elder Bednar. Basically – anyone who “gets” offended is really at fault. It’s a choice. And apparently this girl was looking for a reason to take offense.

To me, Bednar’s talk just gives Mormons a green light to treat people like crap. After all, if I offend you, it’s your own damn fault. And of course we get the tired idea that people are out looking to be offended. If you listen to some Mormons, there are a heck of a lot of people who spent all their time in the church trying to find ways to be offended, to lose their faith, or to criticize the leadership of the church. I guess a little kindness, forgiveness, and compassion are too much to ask for from some of these people.

Anyhow, enjoy the mini-kerfuffle. I know I did.


3 Responses to A little schadenfreude?

  1. sideon says:

    Best chuckle I’ve had in DAYS. Well, a few days anyway. Despite myself, I had a grand time in SLC. Looking forward to October!

  2. K*tty says:

    Just when I thought I was missing the socialization at church , NOT!!

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