Why You Should Always Take Your Meds

As GBSmith has helpfully pointed out, I’ve been a bit irritable lately. I haven’t made a conscious decision to be snippy, but I did do something stupid earlier this week: I neglected to take my medication for three days. That’s never a good idea when you’re on antidepressants, and I always respond the same way: part depressed, part crabby. Sorry to have put my readers through that, especially ditchu, who has been the target of much of the snippiness. I am truly sorry. I’m back on the meds and feeling a little better today.

I caught a little of LDS General Conference today, though I really didn’t have time to pay much attention. We had carpet cleaners in all day, and I was taking a load of junk to the dump and DI. I heard a little of Dallin Oaks talking about appropriate sacrament meeting content and Dieter Uchtdorf speaking about faith. Between sessions there was a little bio piece on Thomas S. Monson. I had forgotten just how young he was when he was ordained an apostle (37, I believe). But a few minutes into the documentary, I had to move some more furniture for the cleaner. I felt a little bad for the kid, who is a BYU student. I’m sure he would rather have been watching conference than cleaning my carpets, but at least he got paid.

The last time I really watched a session of conference was a year and a half ago when my home teacher invited us over for the Saturday afternoon session and dinner. I had hurt my back, and I could not get comfortable on his couch. The home teacher fell asleep about five minutes into the session, which kind of defeated the point of inviting us. But he’s a good man, and I enjoy his company (well, when he’s awake).

Tonight I’m home with my two younger sons. I think we’re going to get some dinner and then watch the USC-Oregon game. Maybe I’ll sit through a little of conference tomorrow.


2 Responses to Why You Should Always Take Your Meds

  1. Arthur Sido says:

    I watched the priesthood session tonight from a local ward and it is amazing how different it is watching the general conference now. Back when we were mormons it was a great opportunity to hear from the apostles and the mouthpiece of God. Now it is just a bunch of older guys talking about how to be good husbands/fathers/men in general. It amazed me how little the focus was on Christ and how much it is centered on man.

  2. Simon says:

    I wouldn’t dream of going without my meds (insulin) for 3 days…

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