Radio Soundbites

So I’m driving to pick up my kids, and the radio is on 570 (“Family Values Radio”), and I’m wondering what Bob Lonsberry and Rush Limbaugh have to do with family values (whatever that means). But then they had a teaser for “Utah’s Moral Advisor.” Who could that be? The prophet? The General Relief Society President? Bronco Mendenhall? Nope. It was Dr. Laura.

Now imagine that. A community that believes that a man who has a direct line to God lives just up I-15 about an hour from here is taking its moral cues from a shrill woman who makes her living by telling people how stupid and/or immoral they are. “Stop shacking up” is probably the only Dr. Laura-ism you need to know.

So then I switched over to God’s radio station, LDS church-owned KSL, home of the Tabernacle Choir and BYU sports. They were running Sean Hannity, who said regarding the Obama campaign, “Are you afraid? Then let that fear guide you.” I wonder what you’re supposed to do if you’re not afraid. I am not afraid, and I try not to let fear guide me.

On X-96 they were talking about entries for their pie-baking contest. Bill Allred suggested making a cheeseburger pie by placing cheeseburgers, bun and all, in a light pastry crust, smothering it in gravy, and then covering it all with a top crust. Yum! Then someone brought them some funeral potatoes, and I switched stations.

One of the sports shows was talking about an article in USA Today about the BYU football team and in particular its coach, Bronco Mendenhall. He has done some interesting things, such as short practices and giving players more direct roles in team meetings and determining starters. He’s doing a great job there, as his team’s win-loss record shows. But his speaking style reminds me of a General Authority giving a motivational speech using management buzzwords.

I ended up putting in a Dylan CD instead.


3 Responses to Radio Soundbites

  1. Todd Wood says:

    I think I would like to add my own radio soundbite contributions to the I-15 audience.

    Where can I sign up for a fair price?

  2. sideon says:

    Dr. Laura as Utah’s Moral Advisor? Now THAT is funny.

  3. ditchu says:

    Last I heard her (about 2 years ago) It was, “Time to kick him to the curb… Kick him to the curb… Kick…Kick… Kick him to the curb.” as the Caller keept using their Buts and wells. then seh closed with the old line, You know what yoyu need to do … now go do it.” finially I realised what was being broadcast on my radio and reached over and tuned it into some bad Rock station, but it was better and more uplifting than Laura Schleshinger.

    Moral Advisor? Advisor to the immoral maybe…


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