Top Ten Things Overheard at the Exmormon Conference

10. Drunk? No, I’m not drunk.

9. It probably wasn’t a good idea to schedule this in the same hotel as the Packer family reunion.

8. Why is that man writing down license plate numbers?

7. I think I’ll pass on the green jello salad shooters.

6. No, that’s not Church security. That’s Nom de Cypher.

5. Of course my life is better since I left the church. Just ask my ex-wife!

4. Relax, everyone. It’s just the Geek Squad.

3. No, she doesn’t literally give big green hugs.

2. Now I’m drunk.

1. The “S” stands for Spencer, and yes, there were 87 widows in my ward. You’re not recording this, are you?


6 Responses to Top Ten Things Overheard at the Exmormon Conference

  1. Sideon says:

    Let it be known that the bar was quite festive and crowded.

    One drink for me, thanks.

    One ounce vodka drinks are horrid.

  2. Nom de Cypher says:

    Why can’t I be Nom de Cypher AND church security? I’m a very talented guy.

  3. I am so disappointed that I missed all the fun at the Bar. Sounds great. … that license plate coment was a joke, right?

  4. Froggey says:

    They are tooooooooooo big green hugs!


    Big green hugs,


  5. runtu says:

    I’m not sure I want to know, Froggie. 🙂

  6. How come Froggey can give big green hugs, but all I can ever manage to do is give big brown hugs.

    Once again, a relative gets the good DNA while I get the poopy DNA.


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