Speaking of Trauma

I had the most insane day today.

My daughter called me just before noon (she was home sick) and whispered, “Dad, is there supposed to be someone in the house?”

She had been downstairs on the couch, and someone rang the doorbell. Because she wasn’t feeling well, she thought she’d just ignore it. The person kept ringing, and then she heard the door open. She thought it was probably me coming home for lunch, but then she heard the guy’s cell phone ring and knew it wasn’t me.

So she had the presence of mind to take the phone into the bathroom and hide in the shower. She called 911, and just as they answered, the guy came into the bathroom where she was. So she hung up and then called me. I told her to stay put and call 911 again, so she did.

The police arrived, one at the front door, and one downstairs. The policeman found my daughter and put her in a bedroom that he had already cleared. Just then the guy tried to jump out a window, and the policeman upstairs drew his gun, so the guy ran downstairs and into the cop downstairs, whom he punched in the side of the head. He ran back upstairs and then went out to the balcony, jumped off, and ran for his car.

The cops chased him down and tackled him. When I got home, he was cuffed face down in the middle of the street, and there were cops everywhere. My daughter was pretty shaken up, but she’s doing OK.

They have his picture and arrest record online here. Apparently he’s just a drug addict who feeds his addiction by burglarizing houses.

So we’re all OK here, just a little shaken.


10 Responses to Speaking of Trauma

  1. Margot says:

    Jeez, this is one of my personal nightmares. I’m so glad everyone’s okay, and that they caught the guy.

  2. Megan says:

    Terrifying – so glad your daughter is physically okay and reacted so beautifully. Had something similar happen but thank goodness my husband was home asleep at the time (with three young kids) and scared the idiot off.

  3. OutontheFarm says:

    I’m so glad he was caught and your daughter wasn’t physically harmed. What a nightmare! It’s this kind of story that makes me glad my husband’s idea of daddy-daughter time is a little target practice at the gun range. Not something I’ve always been comfortable with, but these days . . . .

  4. bull says:

    That’s why I ask my family to keep the doors locked even when they are at home. It’s a pain sometimes, but this kind of thing is all too common and not just in bad neighborhoods (as your case proves).

  5. My North star says:

    I am glad that he didn’t find your daughter. Stay safe, and give extra hugs to each other….

  6. Odell says:

    I am glad you all are safe. I can’t imagine the fear your daughter must have felt and the feelings you and your family must be experiencing. Hang in there!

  7. Urroner says:

    Something like that just scares me to death. As sadistic as it makes me sound, I hope somebody introduces him to the Nephi’s iron rod. He was probably some junkie looking for an easy heist, but still, who knows what he would have done.

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