Honk for Decency

Today, as I drove past University Mall in Orem, Utah, I couldn’t help but notice a cluster of what looked like BYU students holding bright, day-glo pink signs advocating a boycott of the Victoria’s Secret lingerie stores. The focus was on sparing our children from having to look at lingerie-clad mannequins and suggestive signs. (I can almost hear Maude Flanders shrieking, “Won’t somebody think of the children!”) You can see their demands on their web site.

I like Victoria’s Secret. They have good products (I have given my wife their bath and body products as gifts, and I understand they make well-fitting bras). But sure, their displays and ads can be on the suggestive side, but then that’s what you would expect from a lingerie store, isn’t it?

So, I don’t really agree with the protesters, though they have a right to fight for what they believe in, I suppose. But in a world plagued by war, poverty, injustice, and inequality, there are so many other things worth fighting for than underwear ads. And, frankly, I can’t imagine getting that riled up about something that is, in the end, relatively trivial.

Seems a waste of youthful energy to me.


7 Responses to Honk for Decency

  1. lol. I agree. Let’s protest Darfur, not Victoria’s Secret.

  2. OutontheFarm says:

    I’ll tell you what’s indecent – spending years wearing hideous garments instead of cute underthings. I’m glad I’m able to use my Victoria’s Secret credit card freely now. I only wish I hadn’t wasted my 30’s and 40’s wearing crazy underwear. Those poor deluded BYU students!

  3. aerin says:

    Some one said youth is wasted on the young. I agree!!! 🙂

  4. Elmo James says:

    Ha, went to the mall Saturday with my wife and we stopped by VS because they were having a sale on their well-fitting and sexy underwear. In the past I’ve asked her if she felt bad about not wearing her garments anymore, and if she wants to go back to wearing them? “No” on both counts. I’ve got the coolest wife in the world! I’m biased of course.

  5. Goldarn says:

    “Seems a waste of youthful energy to me.”

    Isn’t that the definition of “youth?” 🙂 If I had the energy I had back then, I wouldn’t do a lot of things I did.

  6. rebecca says:

    That effort would be put to better use teaching children not to automatically sexualize and objectify the human body. Victoria’s Secret ads are pretty girls wearing the advertised products. Big friggin’ deal.

  7. Sideon says:

    Funniest post I’ve read in days, Runtu. Thanks for the chuckle.

    The protesters are simply acting out their jealousy of garment-free fashions.

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