A Good Day to Be American

I’m a Republican. I know some people are shocked when they hear that, but it’s true. But I think on a historic day like today it’s appropriate to recognize how far we’ve come as a country. No, our problems and divisions won’t disappear just because we have inaugurated an African-American president. But it does put to rest one barrier that has existed for a long time. So today I’m sending my best wishes to President Obama and hoping that he can help us as a nation navigate some very perilous times.


3 Responses to A Good Day to Be American

  1. mac says:

    Me, too. I’m Republican, but I feel like the GOP has drifted from its traditional values. I voted for Obama. I’m glad he won. I think he’ll be a more sane president than W.

    At Thanksgiving all my eastern Idaho relatives could talk about was how Obama was the anti-Christ. I just told them that I’d rather have Obama than another four years of Bush.

  2. I’m a fiscally conservative, socially liberal moderate. I deeply disapprove of the financial stimulus plan, as well as of some of Obama’s other big-spending proposals. Having said that, I feel more upbeat about this presidency than I have any other during my lifetime. Maybe it’s just because Bush was so bad, maybe it’s because I’m sharing in the euphoria of overcoming racism and electing a black president, and maybe it’s just because Obama seems like a genuinely ethical guy. But whatever the reason, I agree that this was a truly historic day.

  3. aerin says:

    It is pretty remarkable. Thanks for this post Runtu. My hope is that we can all work together to get the job done – so many are suffering right now. But, my hope is also that we use restraint and exercise personal responsibility. Currently, much of the rhetoric from DC suggests that, but time will tell. I hope we (as a country) can put some of the partisan rancor behind us.

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