Over the weekend we had some issues with our Internet service, and from Saturday afternoon until this morning, we had no Internet at all. Suddenly no one knew what to do with themselves. Kids kept telling me, “Dad, there’s nothing to do!” I mean, how are we supposed to illegally download movies and music?

I hadn’t realized how dependent I am on the Internet until I couldn’t figure out how to get a phone number I needed, as the paper phone book was squirreled away in a box somewhere during the move.

Think about it. No facebook. No updated news and sports scores. No up-to-the-minute weather. No youtube. No message boards. And worst of all, no blogging.

Of course, no blogging is probably a good thing, given that on any random day, I have almost nothing of value to say.

But it feels good to be connected again.


5 Responses to Disconnected

  1. Kameron says:

    I don’t have internet at home. It’s too easy to spend the day editing Wikipedia pages and browsing YouTube.

    I honestly intend to go online for 2 minutes: “Gonna check my email, print an article for my upcoming paper in class, boom, I’m finished.” Four hours later, I snap out of a trance. I’m glassy-eyed and wondering why the skies are dark…

    After repeating this behavioral pattern too many times, I realized no internet at home was the best option for me.

  2. I probably shouldn’t have Internet at home, either. It’s addictive!

  3. Thayne says:

    Get web access on your phone. It’s not enough to write blog posts, but if you are very clever, it is enough to update your Facebook status from the top of a roller coaster.

    (OK, technically, the roller coaster was stopped due to some problem. Still, 5 minutes and a cellphone is enough.)

  4. jr says:

    Any news on the publishing of your book?

  5. sideon says:

    Of course you have important things to say.

    Yours is one of the rare voices I bother listening to.

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