Sliding Back into Winter

Last week was glorious here in Utah. Green began showing through the brown lawns, and daffodils and crocuses peeked out of the flower beds along my driveway. I hadn’t even known they were there. The temperature was in the upper sixties, approaching 70, and it felt like the days of shoveling snow and bundling up were over.

And then a cold front hit, bringing with it not much snow, but bone-splintering cold. When I drove my wife to work the other day, snow was coming at us horizontally, the road a blur of white and gray in the darkness. By the next morning, the skies had cleared, and the thermometer in my van read 16 degrees.

So much for spring. But in some ways I’m glad to have this weird period of shifting weather, as if winter hasn’t totally accepted its demise and is fighting off the advance of spring. In Texas, we didn’t really have seasons, and winter, if you can call it that, was really just an extended cooler period with bare trees and yellowing lawns. The rest of the year was a mixture of hot and miserably hot.

Given the choice, I think I’ll take the seasons, as frustrating as they are. They remind me that I’m alive and part of something much bigger than me.


5 Responses to Sliding Back into Winter

  1. Jill says:

    My first winter out of Houston…I am really not ready for spring yet, as in Houston “spring” meant the sticky eight months of summer weren’t far behind. I would always get slightly depressed during spring, knowing what was coming, a reverse of the depression that northern people get in fall with winter on the way.

    I read a short poem once:

    March, how I hate you
    You hold hands with Spring
    yet are wed to Winter.

  2. Eli says:

    This is one of the few things that I enjoy about living in Utah: the weather is always changing.

  3. mcarp says:

    My son, at BYU, spent last weekend down in southern Utah hiking, then came home to the wintry Provo weather. He called and said, “This is why BYU doesn’t have spring break — it isn’t spring yet.

    Today, I spent the day at a Wilderness First Aid course and spent part of the day traipsing about the Boise foothills in a snowstorm trying to find and treat victims. (Pretend victims.)

  4. Bull says:

    I’d rather visit the snow and the cold than live there. While I can’t imagine what Texas was like before AC, now it makes it bearable and I can ride my motorcycle year round.

  5. Laura says:

    The seasons may make you feel alive, and a part of something bigger. But dangit this winter-spell killed my brand new jasmine plants. *sigh* Okay, okay I’m the fool who bought new plants and planted them in March. Lesson learned. 😉

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