Now It Can Be Told

To all of you who thought I was a wolf in sheep’s clothing: you were right. A long time ago, I convinced a friend to do sort of a “good critic, bad apologist” routine on the MAD board. Our plan was fiendishly simple: I would play the part of the “nice, friendly, reasonable” critic, while my friend would act as the ill-mannered, judgmental Mormon. The idea was to contrast the goodness and decency of the critics against the nastiness of the apologists. A diabolical plan, indeed, but it frankly worked to perfection, although a few people saw through it. I got bored with it and gave up, though my friend continues to post and is, I understand, looking for another “partner in crime.”

Of course this is all made up. There never was such a friend or plan, but I suspect some people would sooner believe that than believe that I am anything but pond scum, but I digress.

My previous post almost sounds like I have nothing good to say about the MAD board and the people who post there. I don’t want to leave that impression at all. I have met some really wonderful people there,  Mormons, ex-Mormons, and non-Mormons. Even some people with whom I vehemently disagreed treated me with kindness and at least some degree of respect. I hope I was able to reciprocate at least in small part.

As I’ve mentioned before, I got to a very dark place in my life at one point, and it was members of the MAD board who reached out to me and urged me to get help. Even Juliann Reynolds, the board’s founder, who I am sure has very little good to say about me (and much of that with good reason) treated me with care and kindness at that dark time.

It was a very strange journey from believing defender of Mormonism to sometimes-angry ex-Mormon, and I didn’t exactly make that transition gracefully. I am truly sorry for those whom I have hurt, and I forgive those who have hurt me. I have no ill feelings toward anyone there, and I wish them happiness and success in their lives.


3 Responses to Now It Can Be Told

  1. BHodges says:

    We’ll keep in touch, John.

  2. Odell Campbell says:

    John: I have always thought that the MAD board exists to serve as a forum or community to those who know the facts but can’t leave the LDS church. I think that being stuck provides much of the fuel of hatred which exists there.

  3. Todd Wood says:

    If it were not for a heart knowing of God, I would be thinking presently, living here in the Intermountain West, that religion is all a big, restless, boiling kettle of conspiracies.

    Rest for my weary heart now and for the future path come only through God’s mercy. Through all my turmoil, I know clearly that it can only be a divine gift. God is good, John.

    Indeed, in our struggles, He is there.

    Underneath all the frowning, even vicious circumstances of horizontal sinful humanity, I see the loving smile of God.

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