Everyone Draw Mohammed Day

So, today is “Everyone Draw Mohammed” Day. The gist of it is that because some idiotic Islamofascists threaten death to anyone who blasphemes by drawing a likeness of Mohammed, we should show our contempt for such Neanderthals by drawing anything, anyone, and labeling it “Mohammed” or any of the variant spellings.

Mind you, I’ve been guilty of blasphemous mockery of things Mormon, and for that I take full responsibility and again apologize to those I have offended (I got kicked off a message board for a mildly snarky top ten list poking fun at the “Mormon Scholars Testify” web site, so I know how sensitive people are about ridicule; again, I apologize, particularly to my friend Dan Peterson). But I’ve thought better of it. I don’t like it when people ridicule my most deeply held beliefs, and it’s wrong for me to do that to others, no matter how vehemently I disagree with those beliefs.

So, yes, I have nothing but contempt for the knuckleheads who threaten people with violence and death because they can’t handle the tiniest bit of criticism or, heaven forbid, humor. Their latest missive calls today “a special day to make many supplications incessantly for the destruction of the kuffar, their armies, their embassies, their flags, their military bases, their houses, their security, their disgusting way of life. May Allah (swt) punish them continuously, destroy their buildings, foil their plans and resurrect this jihad until even the eskimos must remove their sleds from the path of Allah’s auliyya and mujahideen, amin!” Yeah, I know, I’m giving them more attention than they deserve, but what I wanted to say is that our righteous indignation (that’s a Mormon phrase for being justifiably pissed off) should be directed at these brain-dead haters, not at Muslims at large.

It makes no sense to attack or ridicule an entire religion simply because of the asshattery of some doofuses (should that be doofii?) who claim to adhere to that religion. The proper response to these moral cretins is indeed righteous indignation, well-spoken ridicule, and utter disdain. Rather than hate them or attack them, however, the best revenge (if that’s what anyone wants) is to leave them to fester in the sewage of their twisted devotion to hatred masquerading as religion. God, or Allah, or whatever you wish to name Him, is bigger than these people. We should be bigger than them, too. That’s why I’m not drawing a picture of Mohammed. I love and respect my Muslim friends, and I won’t hurt them because an insignificant little group is is overcompensating for something.

6 Responses to Everyone Draw Mohammed Day

  1. Ray Agostini says:

    Hi John,

    Muslims now make up 1.57 billion people, about 23% of the world’s population. Needless to say, this utterly dwarfs Mormonism almost into insignificance. Indonesia, our near neighbours (I live in Australia), comprises 15.6% of the world’s Muslim population. It is officially the largest Muslim country in the world. Of course radicals must be expected to come from such a large population, and what’s perhaps surprising is that we haven’t seen even *more* than we have. Many still take comfort in their “spiritual beliefs”, and whether it’s Muhammad, the Pope, or Joseph Smith; this is the reality. I no longer find solace in such “orthodoxies”, but I can still appreciate why many do, because lying at the core of such “orthodoxies” is a kind of “spiritual yearning” for “answers”. It is to be fully expected that a sizeable proportion of “nutters” will arise in any large religious body, and I agree with you that this should not negatively reflect on the majority, even though I also disagree with the beliefs of the majority.

    As to those engaging in the “Everybody Draw Muhammed Day”, I wonder how such a concept would go down in the “West”; for example, with a “Everybody Draw a Jesus Day”, and posting it on Facebook? I personally think there’d be a revolt, and even cries of “blasphemy”, even from long-lapsed “Christians”. In spite of various criticisms and mockery of Jesus, I really wonder how such a Facebook page would go down with those of us who live in the “West”, who all grew up with the Christmas tradition of the little child in the manger, born in a stable because there was “no room in the Inn” for his parents? These are traditional images we are stuck with, which regardless of their historical veracity, still remain important to us because they were such an integral part of our upbringing, and our childhood memories. We associate (speaking generically) “God” with Jesus, just as Muslims associate “God” with Muhammad. In spite of my personal disagreement with “fundamental” beliefs, I feel appalled at this blatant attempt at base and empty mockery of what many hold sacred.

  2. Tim says:

    Wasn’t “everyone draw Jesus day” called the Middle Ages – the Renaissance?

  3. Great post. I’ve been very saddened by the ways Muslims are portrayed and treated these days. It is like we are engaging in the crusades again. Some people even want to prevent Muslims from building houses of worship in the US, which seems so outrageous in a place that is founded on religious freedom. Some of these so-called Christian leaders who want to burn the holy book of Islam and keep Muslims away really need to take a close look at themselves and see whether or not they’re living up to Jesus’ example.

  4. […] fun this week centered around Everybody draw Muhammad Day! Quite a lot of people drew Muhammad or thought about it. I didn’t get around to it (or, perhaps, I was with free expression in principle, but […]

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