Mormon Devils: Defending the LDS Church

I had an interesting experience this morning. My wife had signed us up for a project that requires daily attention. Since she was working this a.m., it was my turn.

A woman who has been friendly with us was there this morning, and she mentioned that she had lived most of her life outside of Utah (I’m guessing she’s in her late 30s).

I asked her how she ended up in Utah, and she said that she had met a Mormon man, had joined the church, and had married him. “He seemed like such a good guy, like everything I ever wanted in a husband, but he turned out to be a Mormon devil.”

She proceeded to rant for several minutes about how the church was built on lies, its founder was a child molester, and its members were bad, bad people (she used the term “Mormon devils” several times). She also said that it was a corporation, not a church, and it existed to enrich certain groups of connected people.

I found myself defending the church and its members. I said that, although I saw the problems in its claims and beliefs, I wasn’t willing to write off all the members as devils. Most Mormons, I said, are good people with good hearts. And though I disagree wtih a lot of what the church teaches, I think it does teach some good things, such as love, service, compassion, kindness.

But I thought it was kind of surreal defending the church, particularly when I’m told that it’s the “nice” critics like me who are most hell-bent on destroying the church. I’m not afraid to say what I think about the church, good or bad, but I don’t think it’s all bad.

4 Responses to Mormon Devils: Defending the LDS Church

  1. Lars Larson says:

    I have been out of the Church and out of religion in general for 25 years. I still defend the LDS church. First of all, how DARE anyone who doesn’t really KNOW how bad it is get to bad mouth it? Plus, it makes me LAUGH when “Christians” criticize Mormonism.

    Funny, though, how defensive I get.

  2. Andrew says:

    The way I see it is…Mormonism is my family. I can make fun of my family, but outsiders can’t.

    Also, people often get things very wrong (you don’t really need to make stuff up, exaggerate stuff, or rely on rumors of folklore to find strange stuff here…), or they make criticisms that could apply to their own beliefs..

  3. philomytha says:

    I’m the same way… Critical of the church myself, defensive when outsiders presume to criticize.

    For some reason it suddenly occurred to me… The good things about the church are common to many religions, the bad things are peculiar to Mormonism (although other religions have their own bad things).

  4. MC says:

    I don’t really consider myself a “critic” of Mormonism – just someone who doesn’t believe in it. That may be why I don’t feel strange defending certain aspects of Mormonism, especially when the criticism is based on something that is factually incorrect (as Andrew mentioned).

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