Like a Dog to Its Vomit

So, our friend Weston is back.

There’s a little story behind this. Almost 2 years ago, Weston started posting comments on my blog and referring to me as a “hater” of Mormons. Of course, other people have been saying that for a long time. I’ve been told I am a deceiver, a disingenuous fraud trying to destroy testimonies and souls, and a smooth-tongued snake. In short, I’m pond scum.

Weston apparently is upset that people criticize his religion; to him, that makes them Mormon-haters. No doubt there are people out there who hate Mormons (Bill “satanic mormon cult” Keller comes to mind, though Weston curiously ignores him), so Weston believes he has to combat hate with … hate.

My response to Weston nearly two years ago is here: I hate Mormons. I would warn you that, if you have a weak stomach, do not click on the link to Weston’s page, as Weston’s main page has a lovely photo of a young man who has vomited all over himself. I know, I am just giving him attention, but then I think it’s instructive to see his thought process.

I have to say that I’m pleased that Weston’s lead post is a positive one about possible corroboration of the gold plates story (I think he might have a point were the “scroll” not a 2.2-centimer-long piece of an amulet, but I digress). This change from attack to an attempt at evidence is most welcome, at least to this Mormon-hater.

But most of the site is an extended rant against Bill McKeever, James White, and other “cowards,” “fornicators,” and, of course, “Mormon-haters.” What I find interesting is that Weston’s targets are exclusively Evangelical and virulently anti-Mormon. What I think he is doing is using their tactics against them. Heaven knows, the McKeevers and Whites of the world are as in your face about excoriating Mormonism and Mormons as Weston is in attacking them.

But does this approach work? Honestly, when I read Evangelical criticism of Mormonism, it comes across as ill-informed and more than a little unhinged. But then that’s how Weston’s stuff appears to me, as well. I tend to dismiss both sides as being an argument that is completely irrelevant to my life and beliefs.

I guess that means I’m still a hater.


8 Responses to Like a Dog to Its Vomit

  1. I remember him. I had a lot of fun with him a while ago.

  2. Dude. Weston Krogstat. He’s so epic I may have to come back out of semi-lazy-retirement.

  3. I love your thoughtful posts.

    And I’m sad for a person who lives a life focused on hatred and anger.

  4. Howdy, thanks for the post about me. I just want to show how dumb and hypocritical these guys really are. (I took out the picture of the guy that had puked all over himself)

  5. runtu says:

    We’re all hypocrites, Weston, so join the club. As I said, I’m no fan of Evangelical anti-Mormons, but I don’t think repaying them with venom does anyone any good. Merry Christmas, Weston.

  6. Come check out my latest post about Bountiful from 1Nephi. I’m curious what you think.

    • runtu says:

      I see you have added Bill Keller. I demand an acknowledgement. 😉

      • Heh heh, back in the day when you and I first started chatting, you are right, I had never heard of him. But remember you wrote your “he ignores Bill Keller” back then, so I looked him up. And yes, he is a jerky-jerk of emense proportions. Why won’t you comment on my blog?

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