Open Season on Runtu

I was just looking at my blog dashboard and noticed that there have been a total of 2774 comments on a total of 405 posts. My first thought was, “405 posts? I need to get a life!” And then I thought, “2774 comments? They need to get one too!”

Of those 2774 comments, I’ve approved 2758, or all but 16 comments. Many of the comments I’ve rejected were spam, but probably 5 or so were comments that were sufficiently ugly or hateful for me not to want to post them.

That means that I’ve approved 99.4% of the comments made on my blog. Some of my friends think I’m crazy for letting most of the comments through (some people think I’m just plain crazy). In all honesty, people have posted some pretty ugly, hateful, and threatening comments here, and my motives in approving them haven’t always been pure.

Mostly I want my readers (you’re a select group with extraordinary intelligence and taste) to feel free to say what they want to me and about me, as long as they don’t cross any ethical or safety boundaries. I find that allowing the most vehement critic to opine on my blog leads me to think things through more clearly, and I have sincerely cherished much of the dialog I’ve had with people who probably consider me an enemy.

But, as I said, there’s another motive there. People on all sides of the Mormon debate show who they really are by how they respond to people they disagree with. If you’re going to say or do something hateful, I’m happy to let you show your true colors here. People reading the comments can sort between the reasonable and the hateful, and sometimes it’s a good thing to provide that contrast.

So, go ahead and say what you wish. I have a pretty thick skin, and very little of what has been said here has ever really bothered me. Thanks for participating and making this place a forum for discussion.


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