Update on “Dr.” Todd Coontz

A while back, I wrote about a particularly evil scam being perpetrated in the name of faith and religion (see “Shameless“). The scam works this way: Our friend “Dr.” Coontz appears on television in a prerecorded infomercial-style program, urging you to plant “seed faith” money to help spread the gospel, and in return, you’ll be blessed with an end to your financial problems. But you have to act quickly! The good doctor gives you a specific time frame within which you must call and pledge money, or you will not be eligible for the blessings.

I just received the following rather heartbreaking comment on my blog that explains further how the scam works:

I am one of those naive people that believe that if I gave money ($100), God would get me out of debt and that all the blessings of God would get me out of the mess I was in; unfortunately, 6 hours after I gave $100, I received a telephone call from Dr Todd Coonitz saying that I did not take advantage of $130 seed faith pledge and that I was disobedient to God. I have tried to get my money back, but they refused to give back money donated to Rock Wealth.

I know, many people might say that this person should have known better and shouldn’t have been taken in so easily. But, as I said in my earlier post, this guy is preying on people’s faith, and a lot of people have a great deal of faith, both in God and in religious leaders. Most religious leaders I have known would not betray that kind of trust, but unfortunately many will. (And I will add the same disclaimer I did before: I gave 10%-plus of my gross income to a religion for 40 years, so I’m hardly one to claim a higher moral or intellectual position than my commenter.)

I will give Todd Coontz one thing: he is completely transparent in his goal, which is to collect money from you. He doesn’t make any grand claims of building churches, feeding the hungry, or sheltering the homeless. His only promise is simple: “Send me money, and your financial problems will disappear.”

Now we know what happens when you send him money: he tells you it wasn’t enough, that you didn’t have enough faith, didn’t obey absolutely. (For some reason, I know have that song from The Cure stuck in my head: “Whatever I do is never enough.”) This approach isn’t exclusive to Rock Wealth Ministries (it takes real balls, by the way, to call yourself a “wealth ministry.”) In my religion, if you didn’t get blessings, didn’t receive a witness of the Book of Mormon, or any number of things you didn’t achieve, it was your fault: you didn’t have enough faith, you weren’t diligent enough, you weren’t humble, submissive, and prayerful enough.

And so it is with Todd Coontz. I know it must be a character flaw, but I cannot imagine preying on people like that. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t live with myself. But he does, and quite comfortably, so it seems. And I’ll bet he sleeps well at night.

For another update on the good “doctor,” see “Tod’s Triple Favor?

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140 Responses to Update on “Dr.” Todd Coontz

  1. Tim says:

    The worst part is that he probably has convinced himself it’s true to some degree. After all, it’s working for him, it must be God’s blessing.

    • Rex fletcher says:

      Christianity has nothing to do with Money…so how can this guy set himself up to say give me your money and I will pray for you…..people are so greedy and fallible

      • JS says:

        Christianity is about Christ and life, Money is discussed throughout scripture (the Bible). Scripture provides many lessons about money, e.g., “the love of money is the root of all evil.” The gospel needs money to be preached. Money is a vehicle to buy food, shelter, medicine, transportation, books etc. It’s needed to spread the gospel.in this world. So-called preachers like Koontz, Murcoch etc., are perverting the gospel. The apostle Paul encourages the New Testament believer to give (money) to spread the gospel as you are led by the Holy Spirit and not through pressure or compulsion. This is good advice for any Christian.

  2. Dan says:

    Sounds to me like Todd Coontz is a psychopath. Anyone with a functional conscience couldn’t live with themselves for acting like he is.

    • I agree,,,I so agree. Well, they’ll be judged one day, and they won’t like the outcome. It’ll be hot enough to roast wieners, and they need to have a few things roasted. I’d like to know how the poor people who do all the giving can’t understand that they’re still poor after many years of giving giving seeds. These ignorant souls will be the one’s going to heaven. There’s no penalty for being ignorant, in fact that’s when they’ll get their mansion. Coontz gets his mansion only here on earth. The ignorant seed givers will get more then a mansion, they’ll get a crown and a whole lot more. Now, to you seed givers,,,find some needy people and hand them some money. That’s what my husband did. He got gift certificates at the grocery store and his job brought him into many homes. When he saw a need he would give the a gift certificate. My husband is a pastor,,,but he’s honest and compassionate. Why don’t we have people like him on tv?

      • John says:

        Only if they are true born again if they are supporting those false
        Teachers they are par takers of there sin scripture teaches us.

  3. ZAROVE says:

    Tim, I doubt he cares. I’ve met charlatans like him, they really know what they are doing and don’t really care. heck, Id not be shocked if he’s really an Atheist.

    not that I’, saying all Atheists are like him, mind you, just saying.

    by the way, God told you all to send me 50 dollars and you will be blessed. Any takers?

  4. Frank Peters says:

    I’ve been ranting to myself about this charlatan Todd Coontz since the first time I saw him. What a brazen, mendacious individual. I believe that one day he will have to answer for what he’s doing in bilking those who are many times indigent and needy out of money they need for their own maintenance. While I’m at it, what about “Dr.” Mike Murdock? He’s just as guilty of preaching the “sow the seed” message and claims that your “seed” will “authorize God to open the windows of heaven and pour out a blessing for you” I wasn’t aware that God needed authorization to do whatever He might wish. That quack, along with the Cerullo son and father duo are so transparent in their money grubbing that I’m astonished that they can survive to operate their “ministries” Surely there must be SOME law that can be brought to bear on these people.

    • kim says:

      I too believe that what Todd an Mike are doing is Questionable to say the very least. I would not want to be in their shoes at the time of Judgment in Heaven. Todd and Mike appear more like acouple birds of pray.

    • Bonita says:

      While there isn’t anything wrong with sowing a seed into a ministry or project if God has told you to do that, the point is that GOD must tell you and WILL tell you directly. We are all capable of hearing God for ourselves. Wonder what Coontz would ay if you called him and told him that he was absolutely right…..that as a matter of fact God DID tell you to give but to give double….and that you gave it into the local homeless shelter. He makes me sick every time I see him, and yes, I too believe that there is a payday that is coming for him and others like him. God’s blessings are available to everyone, not ‘7’ that will give into Coontz’s ministry (and I use that term loosely). Wonder how many hundreds of “7’s” have given to him out of fear……which tells you right there that what he says isn’t of the Lord. How dare he call someone and tell them that they missed God over an amount of money. He says ‘someone in your life has been feeding you fear”. He ought to know.

      • runtu says:

        I’ve said repeatedly on my blog that I will guarantee Dr. Coontz an unimaginable increase in blessings if he just funnels $1000 to me (dependent, of course, on the faith with which he donates and his exactness in donating what and when and how I say). That should be fair, right?

  5. Shirley says:

    The problem is in the constitution, not that I have anything against the constitution, but they are abusing one of the amendments, which is….Freedom of Religion. It would take an in depth investigation to over throw them. There are many people who give money and something miraculous happens and they think it’s because of their contribution. It’s extremely difficult to say who’s religion is true and who’s isn’t. How is it that prayer was taken out of the schools? When I was in first grade we said the Lord’s prayer, shortly after we didn’t. The only one that will and can remove them is God Himself. Oh, and get this, Cerullo’s grand son is now getting in on it. I think all of them are dogs.

    • David says:

      That’s an insult to dogs.These guys are jackals(except that’s an insult to jackals).

      • domanick gesvalli says:

        these people must be stopped todd goontz,mike murdock,the copelands,the crealo dollars,the cerellos,paula white all of them its time they are exposed,and one way we can do it is by sending emails to everyone in our contact list and call our senators and congressman,i believe in my bible 100 percent but these people are not preaching the bible there making millons and millons of dollars google there names and see what shows up.

  6. dave says:

    When I see this on tv, I call and tell them im going to get a credit card and see how long they stay on the phone. We should make a coordinated effort to disrupt them as much as possible, If anyone wants to try to put this together, email me at agint86@hotmail.com


      you need help BAD

    • Robin Brown says:

      People will reach out to a so called pastor every time because they feel if they give they will be blessed.If you give your money to help someone you know it will help God will bless you. We need to have faith in God not pastors. I am just as bad I fell for junk like this myself but now I just stay with the word and people I know I can trust. God will get them for using his name to steal from people ,needy people.just keep your faith in God.

  7. Ike says:

    Coontz has Murdock’s act perfected. After Murdock I didn’t think anyone could be so sleazy but along comes this disgusting clone of Murdock. Coontz is not shy in stating Murdock is his “mentor”. That alone tells you Coontz is a filthy, money grubbing con-man.
    They guarantee you a huge return on your “seed”(why don’t they just say MONEY)but if you watch them enough they sometimes tell you about “dormant seed”.
    I say sometimes and of course they NEVER tell you about “dormant seed” up front. It’s protection to cover their butts when your “seed” results in zero return for you. The previous post is correct, there must be SOME law that can put an end to this blatant scam. I think the laws are there, authorities just refuse to do anything because it’s “religion” and “religion” cannot be questioned in this country. The Grassley investigation into 6 of these so-called ministries proves that fact. The investigation proved futile and nothing was gained other than some refused to turn over financial records to the Grassley investigation. If religion, in this case, was really questioned and looked at seriously then crooks like Swaggart, Bakker, Hinn, Copeland, Jenkins, White, Hagee, Duplantis, Meyer, Parsley, Cerullo, Bishop Jordan, Tilton, Popoff, Crouch and too many others to mention who are just as greedy and sick, would be out of business. Their bottom line is MASSIVE PROFIT! Nothing biblical about these pathetic, greedy morons. Every single day of the year they are begging for money, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Not a day goes by that Mike Murdock is not seen on TV spewing his nonsense to get the viewer to send him some cash. These vultures deserve long prison sentences. I’m ashamed that we allow this crap to go on day by day, year by year. It’s disgraceful but nothing will ever be done about it and I’m sure we’ll see others just like the disgusting Murdock and Coontz (and the rest)on the airwaves conning their way to wealth thru religion.
    What a gig and only in America.

  8. Shirley says:

    You mentioned Hagee in the list of scammers. I used to watch him because he did preach. He did not just ask for money. I know he has a mansion and he probably is rich, so I told my husband I thought he was using donations for his lavish lifestyle. Maybe he does believe in God and the others just don’t. We never gave anyone any money and would never. We tried to find a church but after attending a few, we only found they want to dig into your personal affairs. We read the Bible at home. We have the disc too. It narrates the Bible to you.

    • May God bless you & your family Shirley. My wife & I left the institutional church (IC) over 10 years ago. We were leaders in a large church and could no longer stomach the manipulation & fleecing of saints. We primarily study the word at home and ask God to send us people to bless and fellowship with. He has been faithful to our prayers. Many free believers have blessed us as we have them. We had never studied the word as much when in the IC as we did after leaving. There are endless resources on the web that do not ask for a dime. We have found that our family has grown stronger, closer, and God has blessed us tremendously.

      • kim says:

        Shirley and Free (above), I can relate. Church in my area stopped teaching the Word. Now I study at home and am learning more than I ever learned in church. Blessings to both of you. 🙂

  9. John says:

    I sent money to the todd coontz £130. I did not received the CD nor single letter of Thank you. First time I am feeling very unhappy to send money to the wrong person. Strangley, this man is allowed by many ministries asking only MONEY. I am verry unhappy with this. His prayer request email do not work.Try for yourself


  10. bgmayne says:

    I sewed what I had to Coontz, and EVERY night for the past month he has been leaving me those 130 dollar battle seed messages, I just hang up If 50 aint enough than tough. Shirley I agree with you the churches these days are NOT what they used to be, Its like a big tattle telling fashion show and you have to know the pastor to be somebody there, I too have started staying home and reading the word, it is sooo much easier

  11. SHARONVICHRISt says:

    if your soul is not prospering you will not prosper and if you are giving just to get so you can spend it on your on self it wont work there is nothing wrong with receiveing but your heart has to be right it does work maybe you are not ready for that kind of blessing God said if you dont waiverand faint not you will receive the promise maybe its not time but Todd is a true man of God God spoke to me week befor Todd came on tv about the Gedion 3oo and God has opened the windows of heaven the blessings have over taken me wait on Gods timimg just because you dont see it right away doesnt mean Todd was a fake …

    • runtu says:

      I’m sorry, but this kind of post just makes me sad. You are exactly the kind of trusting and naive person these scammers prey on.

    • jr says:

      i see you did not say what all these miracles you recieved are, and you do not have any that you will report after you read this, will you. all people do not know to reply with the correct question here—–but I do—lets hear the details, scooter—-the guy is full of you-know what—-frickin’ wake up.

    • Sharon, do yourself a favor. Run from anyone who tells you God needs your money to bless you. These blaspheming snake oil salesmen will prey on you because they are experts at telling you what you want to here. Jeremiah 5:26-31 from “The Message” translation reads,
      26-29″My people are infiltrated by wicked men,
      unscrupulous men on the hunt.
      They set traps for the unsuspecting.
      Their victims are innocent men and women.
      Their houses are stuffed with ill-gotten gain,
      like a hunter’s bag full of birds.
      Pretentious and powerful and rich,
      hugely obese, oily with rolls of fat.
      Worse, they have no conscience.
      Right and wrong mean nothing to them.
      They stand for nothing, stand up for no one,
      throw orphans to the wolves, exploit the poor.
      Do you think I’ll stand by and do nothing about this?”
      God’s Decree.
      “Don’t you think I’ll take serious measures
      against a people like this?
      30-31″Unspeakable! Sickening!
      What’s happened in this country?
      Prophets preach lies
      and priests hire on as their assistants.
      And my people love it. They eat it up!
      But what will you do when it’s time to pick up the pieces?”

      • tg says:

        I want post this in the name of Jesus only, because our faith stablish up on God himself not on any one or ourself. For sure if you start and excercise God voice, you will have clear understanding. We can beleive by faith not by sight means it does not mean we have to beleive every body. God always will give you a peace of mind to understand every word spoken by man or God. I have awarenss of what can go wrong and right , but I am not gone let stuck with some one action. Let the God of Eternal take care of his business. I mean pray, pray, pray for those who you think lost.

    • Shirley says:

      Todd is a true man of God? There will come a day when you’ll find out that he is nothing but a piece of trash. By the way, he is asking for one thousand dollars. If you think he’s not fake then by all means, oblige him.

    • domanick gesvalli says:

      todd is a fake

    • charles says:

      Maybe God can bless you with more than a second grade level of grammar. I guess you have to send Todd more money.

    • Lee says:

      Perhaps your money might better be spent on learning how to use proper English Grammar.

    • TruthINhim says:

      Good job on your rebuttal, Todd. If I’m wrong, then you’re somehow linked to his scam circle, googling his name and finding threads to urinate on, to make it appear his scam is indeed a virtuous tool to receive blessings from Christ Himself. Shame on you Satan, your new lows never cease to amaze me, clinging as a leach to your vile and putrid swine.

      Jesus answered “if you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasures in Heaven, then come, follow me”

      Here’s a wakeup call to all who claim to be “Christians” – What do you think God sees looking down on the earth? On one side His children are crying out to Him, begging for education so they can read His word, sharing every scrap of thread among each other, dying of hunger, dying from the lack of clean drinking water, being slaughtered for refusing to deny Him. And on the other side blinded, lazy fools smothered in opportunity, never throwing out a penny to those in REAL need, spending more money on their beasts and varments while clinging onto some shallow hope for more so they can feel important and admired by wearing some sweat-shop, red-soled shoes to church. Never thinking twice about anyone but themselves.
      IF you think you wont be asked or judged for your lack of compassion, just wait and see.
      25,000 children die DAILY from the lack of clean drinking water in HIS world. We are here sharing the planet with each one of them. What have you done?

  12. Shirley says:

    Let me tell you, Todd is a liar and a fake. He NEVER preaches anything but GIVE ME YOUR MONEY. How pious is that? He is a filthy pig and if he wants to scam people, then he should leave our Lord’s name out of his dirty foul mouth. Did Jesus, when He was here in the flesh, make people give Him anything before He healed or helped them in any way? NO! HE did not! Todd wants money. He always says, “you don’t need everyone liking you, just the right one.” HOW PATHETIC! He copies everything he sees Murdock do. He also adds his own garbage to it to make his stint seem more credible. Maybe he is unaware, but he is putting himself in jeopardy. He twists up scripture to fit his money grubbing schemes. For instance the person with the two fish and the five loaves. That story he tells is false. He has corrupted it and sullied all scripture he tries to “teach” people. Is he not aware that there are some who actually read the Bible? That’s why he always says, “this is not for everyone, but I feel that this is for you.” (he’s hoping to find some people who are educationally challenged) That’s because he knows it’s all over the internet about him being the fraud that he is. If I ever saw him or his cohorts I’d spit in their faces! They dare to blaspheme our Lord! He and his kind are nothing but an abomination to our Lord and Savior. They will pay on the last day. You can take that to the bank.

    • Starus says:

      The word of GOD is true and everyman is a liar. When you give for the sake of GOD from your heart you open a spiritual door of blessings over your life. When you give willing GOD know the heart. You become apart of the faith of GOD. You live in the world but you are not apart of the world and you understand GOD word’s. People hear it but do not understand it or perceives its meaning. The children of GOD hears his voice and the children of the devil know his voice. People allow their minds and spirit to belong to either GOD or the devil. When its from GOD his children know because they hear his voice. The kingdom of GOD will always flourish because the material possessions hear on earth is limited but heaven is eternal! Vanity will eventually vanish but the word of GOD will Last forever. God don’t need your money but if you want to be apart of the plan to expand GOD word then you will give, even to your enemies. If GOD is your enemy then I pray for all of you to have understanding in the name of JESUS Christ! Amen. GOD BLESS!

      • nessa says:

        Amen!! @shirley…wow! Spit in their face? Are you sure your christian? Do you read your bible? Where’s the love? God is love. Where’s yours? Judge not for the same way you judge God will judge you. I’m a giver an I don’t see it as giving to churches or man. I give to God an what they do with it is between them an God.

      • runtu says:

        I think the word you’re looking for isn’t “giver” but “mark.” God has never commanded us to give indiscriminately to hucksters and grifters.

      • Thank you Starus! I saw Todd Coontz this morning on tv! I left my tv running was awakened @4am by the Inspiration Camp Meeting with Coontz as the guest speaker! I felt it was the move of God to allow me to hear the Word so early! after his message I did feel compelled to send money to the ministry. God’s word says to give (Luke 6:38). Whether or not Coontz is not real is for God to judge not us! I’m going through some personal issues right now and need all the help I can get through prayer and especially giving! When all else fails, give!

      • bob says:

        the bible also says be good stuarts of your money, you should know how your money is being used.

      • Rex fletcher says:

        Cootz, Pat Robertson and the like are nothing but performers and leaches preying on peoples fears…..I can’t remember one instance in my reading of the Bible where Jesus reached into his pocket and pulled out a coin…..Did jesus own the clothes that he wore? It isn’t about possessions is it….these people should be shut down !!!

    • Shirley, i feel your anger as well. Don’t beat yourself about it. Gods mercy abounds. Jesus got angry at the money changers as well, then flipped over their tables loaded with trinkets, etc. He called the false teachers snakes. Just continue to love them, forgive them, and pray for them as well as the saints they prey on. be blessed in Christ.

  13. Ave Carreon says:

    They call me 5 times a day occupying my voice mail so no one can call me and they are asking big sum of money. I called Do Not Call List and reported them and it became worst. Tell me now whether he is for God or for the devil? He doesn’t even care whether you have money to give or not! I am jobless right now and I have a sick relative and we always need the phone for emergency.This preacher is tormenting me. Any adviced?


    • runtu says:

      Call your phone company and have them block the number(s). Or just tell them that if you hear from them again, you’ll sue them for harassment.

    • tg says:

      I just join this website,so if my message is make sense I hope wil be helpfull. I want you to know God never put burden on people . If you ever doubt about any thing even God do not do anything. We all feel the same thing about been robe by some one, the only way to get out of any confusion is to give God all out doubt and wait for clearance. Which mean do not to start to fight in flesh.

  14. Reggie Robinson says:

    to the lady who said i just give to god! and they can do whatever with the money , if you know that that preacher is not doing right by the people of god! and with the money,please! do not sow your seed there the bible talks about sowing your seed into good Ground! what has happen is so many are sowing into bad soil this is also why you are not seeing your fruit grow, yes you love the lord! but you cant sow good seed into bad soil. keep praying for me as strive to do the will of the lord! and right by his people! i love you all with a deep love in jesus name. please seek to know jesus in a personal way like never before as we live out these last days, you will have to know HIM!

    • Yes I do have some advice. Get Magic Jack. I think it costs 29.99 a year and turn the ringer off. With all the money you’ll save with Magic Jack, you can afford to buy a simple cell phone without the bells and whistles. We spend very little on our monthly cell phone bill. Only give the number to family. Magic Jack will also cut off your calls and will not take messages. It’s good for outgoing calls though. There’s your solution.

  15. Ruby heasty says:

    Listening to Dr Todd Coontz tonight I am deeply saddened as a christian seeing this blatant money grabbing preachers constantly focusing on seed sowing,whipping up deep emotions in vunerable people who feel they may be helped spiritually, materially or an hundred-fold finacially by giving substantial sums to build up their own wealth. They never have recipients of these promised blessings to testify to the massive treturns they promise in ninety days. iIfeel they are grossly dishonouring the name of Jesus who never asked for financial reward when he healed or blessed people. Gullable people are being conned into proping up vast elaborate networks and lavish churches and lifestyles with these scams. People who have given their lives to Christ and follow him should support their own churches and missionary causes and pray and give in faith as God leads them.

  16. Miles says:

    WOW !!! There is enough heat emanating from these replies to heat a house.
    But lets all agree on one thing; simply writing your thought on sites like this is not going have any impact. You need to write to your congressperson, watchdog organizations and why not your own ministers ??
    If they believe like many of you, why don’t there pick up the cause ?? I would like to believe that the behavior of there parasites has to be hurting them.
    And even if it isn’t, if there are true men of God, they owe to everyone.
    Where has true leadership gone in this great country ???

    • Shirley says:

      What they need to do is change the amendment in the constitution that says freedom of religion. That means that anyone of a group of four people can start an organization and start collecting money and they are tax exempt. If they were not tax exempt that would slow them down a bit.

  17. stephanie says:

    Todd Coontz has an informercial in Georgia asking for $1,000 instead of $130!! Talk about brazen!! I feel for the people who fall for this. God does not need money to bless you-you just need to try to live righteously. Most people don’t have two nickles to scrape together in this economy much less than $1,000.00

  18. Sam Addams says:

    As for Dr. Coontz and those other “wealth” ministers, they can and hopefully will, go to hell. For all the gullible sheep out there consider this. Dr. Coontz in some of his infomercials claims there is an anointing on him at “this very moment.” Now how can there be such an anointing on a rerun program? I watch him just to see what his hook will be and how much he wants. As for all his shows, they are re-runs. Does that mean God anoints the pre-recorded program? Also if you notice, Todd and Murdock go from show to show pimping for money for others as well. I have seen Todd on Paula White, Campmeeting (Cerullo’s), Rod Parsley, and a couple more I can’t remember the name of. Watch out for the new crook on the block too. Young Profit Manasseh is starting to make the rounds and is Benny “bucks” Hinn’s protege. And yes I spelled it Profit not Prophet on purpose. A whole new crop of crooks is sprouting like weeds. If you want to help a church, keep it local.

    • Shirley says:

      He is not anointed he is just annoying. The only anointed one is Jesus. Anointed means set apart. You can’t learn of God from all these charlatans mentioned above. They don’t teach ANYTHING! They only talk alot of “fluff” and then they ask for money. YOU CAN NOT BUY YOUR WAY OUT OF ANYTHING!!!! Why are people so gullible?

  19. imjonah says:

    I sent a letter of complaint to the channel that aired his scam show WHT, I am sure it will go no where but enough complaints to DirectTV or your cable company may put some fear in the channels owners.

  20. James Tompkins says:

    My wife of 51 plus years died of Cancer the day before christmas of 2009. I done everything I could do to get the help she needed,including two trips to the Cancer Treatment centers in Tulsa, and in Eaden Il. 50 miles north of Chicago. I was watching a program on Insp Network and the speaker this time was a Mike Murdock. I put a $1000.00 on my debit card.My wife passed away not long after that. They made believe I colud get what ever I was praying for, so when my wife died I sent 3 or 4 e-mails and didnot get any kind of response from them. So I have really have been burnt. I tried to get my money back but they didn’t even ans. me back. My oldest dau. liveswith me now and we olny got $10.00 to last to payday. I hope my $1000.00 done some good. My light,phone and those things may get cut off beforew I can pay them. Pray for me and my dau. James Tompkins

    • Rex fletcher says:

      Can someone pray for this guy..no I mean a real Christian….Hopefully your money did help someone

      • Rev. Joseph Armstrong says:

        First of all, Mr. J. tompkins God Bless you, and Deeply sorry for your lost, I’m an Elder myself my name is Joesph Armstrong, it deeply saddens, to hear people who are hurting to be taken in by preachers like on Camp meeting, and yes I’m not a great fan of this ministry, I. Believe that these take of ministry prey on people like yourself, but my advice to you, is to read and study the word ( bible) for yourself, listen to hear the Lord voice about giving, yes their are preachers who play on a people’s emotions and feelings, to cause them to give. And yes, I would like to pray for you in your time of hardship, it won’t cost you nothing (smile) this is what I do, and if you wish you made email me at: joseph-armstrong@live.com like I said I be glad to pray for you and with you. May God Bless you and your Daughter.

  21. Shirley says:

    If you had read the Bible for yourself instead of trying to learn from a man, you’d have known him to be a faker for yourself and would not have been taken in. We MUST seek God ourselves, privately and ask Him to guide us and He will help you to learn of Him. You must seek Him with a contrite, heartfelt spirit. Also, ANYTHING that is too good to be true IS. You can’t hocus pocus your way out of debt because if this were true, then the USA would be doing the same thing.

  22. 2plus2 says:

    You are so right Shirley!!
    I wish the defenders of these con men would quit using the tired old…. ‘Judge not lest ye be judged’ argument. The Bible explicitly tells us to use discernment in dealing with folks like this….I’ll let God do the judging ( as He certainly will! ) on these wolves, but in the meantime, I will use my God given discernment to expose these Simon the sorcerers where I can….

  23. Ike says:

    There are SO MANY of these vultures preying on those who can least afford to give up their money. You know, a church is supposed to be all about charity. If ANY other charity had their leaders living such opulant lifestyles, with multiple homes, planes, recieving obscenely HUGE SALARIES those leaders would be removed immediately! Why are Copeland, Hinn, White, Meyer, Murdock, Coontz, Crouch and the rest of the Band Of Thieves living millionaire lifestyles? Why are they NOT removed from leadership? These sub-human, greedy tv preachers make me ill.
    I knew when Sen. Grassley and his investigative commitee came back and did nothing to 6 of the biggest crooks in the tv preacher business that NOTHING will ever be done about them. They are free to continue to rape their followers of their cash by any means possible, by stating or promising anything, no matter how ridiculous or outlandish, they are legally allowed to do this because you can do anything in the name of religion in this country and get away with it no matter how unethical or absurd or crooked. TV preachers are free to continue their criminal con game activities without fear of penalty. Truly is sickening.

  24. Genesis – “Jesus He Knows Me” says it all:

  25. Chrissiann says:

    Evil people come in all kinds. Good people come in all kinds. Coontz is an evil bastard. I am an atheist, and being atheist is just a conviction: it does not make one bad or good. I believe in living righteously towards others, living an honest life, doing no wrong to others, and helping others. I don’t know if Cootz believes in any deity or not, but he clearly has no conscience and no compassion. He has hallmark behaviors of a sociopath.

  26. ron says:

    sorry to hear about those that were giving in good faith and did…and were responded to in such a shameful way. since we cant shut him up from continuing to spew out his poison on to the weak minded or the spiritually insecure. the next best thing is to phone or email,or write the network that broadcasts this guy and complain!!! over and over until they get the “MIRACLE SEED” that they need to change the program. this guy would be perfect on some QVC sales program selling knives or kitchen appliances…….

  27. GOLDMAN says:

    Just look at him brillant speaker who says he is “annointed”he preaches about the word of God his Bible closed. One thing is to preach the Word of God and another is to preach about the it. I’ve been watching him preach several times and it comes up to money topic as if money was the main concern of God as if becoming rich was any sort of proof of your faith achievements. God never promised anyone he would make him wealthy as a reward of his faith. If he blessed some people as reported in the Bible they were true believers who didn’t ask God to be rich. Watching televangelists you soon are convinced that their goal is not to open the word of God for your better understanding of it, they loose no time speaking about money, money that will help extend the missions to more people, Great isn’t it. Jesus was teaching and in no occasion he exposed such a demand or asked for money. But this Dr. Coontz does and he does it well as I can see from your comments. When I said I have been watching him several times I should have added, which I do now, that he had my head boiling with wrath everytime I see him play his preaching game.

  28. Ike says:

    Coontz is truly revolting. Just when you think you’ve seen all their ripoff tactics, they come up with more ways to get your cash. For instance, Paula White selling vitamin B. Saw an infomercial peddling the stuff and there’s old Paula as their shill, er, spokesperson. What kind of company hires a TV preacher as their spokesperson? Maybe if that company was selling religious materials yes, but vitamin B? Has she not bilked her flock enough after years and years of cashing in millions as a tv preacher? They are vulture like and should be banned but as we can all clearly see anything goes in the world of the tv preacher con game. Say anything, do anything to get you to give them your cash.

  29. Randy K. Duke says:

    Dr. Coontz has a world of information from the Bible and people would do good to listen. I would dare to say that more people watching his broadcasts are hoping to receive from their giving. Here is the key, being Spirit led. If the Holy Spirit isn’t leading then they shouldn’t be giving. Feelings will fail you so make sure you are being led of God before you give. Eccl. 3 talks about a time for everything, I have read many of these responses and believe that many probably got caught up in the message and hoped it would be a means to an end. All I can say is Spirit Led. I believe in personal responsibility and if God isn’t leading then don’t do it.

    • runtu says:

      I highly encourage people to check out “Dr” Coontz. His message is pretty simple. He starts out discussing Biblical principles and then carefully steers his listeners to his main message: Send “Dr” Coontz money. It’s brilliant and effective, but I find no evidence of any spirit other than that of greed in his preaching.

      I would imagine that “Dr” Coontz probably does know his Bible, at least those parts that support his ends. I seem to recall that others with a decidedly non-spiritual agenda have some familiarity with the Bible (see Matthew 4, for example). For me, common sense and a minimal level of reason and discernment show me what Todd Coontz is all about. It ain’t about worshiping God.

    • mike. harris says:

      It really makes me angry to see these so called men of god fleecing the flock for their own personal gain.

      • Rex fletcher says:

        Mike..a pastor or shepherd not only Guards his flock but he also eats the old ones and kills the lambs at Lambing….his flock nurtures and clothes him….simple…..thats Coontz to a tee

  30. Ray Young says:

    Related Ministries of Donnie.doc

  31. Paulina says:

    I would like to hear from anyone who has actually been blessed and had a financial turnaround as a result of sending cash to Tod Coontz?

    • runtu says:

      I would like that, too, but I doubt very much that anyone has benefited from sending money to Dr. Coontz.

    • Ike says:

      On Toads’ er Todds’ infomercials he does have folks who testify that they have been blessed and had a financial turnaround. One whopper was when he had on a couple who didn’t say anything while Todd told their story of how they didn’t have the money to buy a big business they wanted and couldn’t get financing from a bank. So, out of faith, they gave cash to Toads’ er Todds’ Rockwealth Ministry. (I mean, that would obviously be the first thing I would do if I couldn’t afford to purchase something, I’d give what little cash I have to a sleazy TV preacher. Makes perfect sense) Lo and behold the owner of the business out of the wild blue said no I’m not selling the business to you……..I’m going to “give you the business”. That is an actual quote from Coontz. So these folks had this miracle happen and got their big business (water bottling plant I believe is what they said) for NOTHING, got it absolutely FREE just because they gave cash to Coontz! Yep, it’s a miracle! (WOW How fortunate to find someone who is selling a big business who suddenly decides to just GIVE IT AWAY instead. I’m sure it happens all the time) So, yes, there are folks who will stand on stage and not say a word about their blessing and financial turnaround but let Todd tell their story about their blessing and financial turnaround. If you believe Coontz and his fabrications then let me tell you about another deal involving some affordable oceanfront property in Wyoming……….

  32. Jerry says:

    No one but Todd Coontz! It is a “SCAM”. If you read your bible and study it, it tells you that these “false Prophets” will decieve many. The greatest seed of faith one can sow is recieving Jesus Christ as his or her personal saviour. Think about it for a moment. You are putting your faith in a man that came more than two thousand years ago. You weren’t around then, but you have enough faith to believe that he was and is the Son of the Living God, and by trusting and believing in him as your savior you are a child of the King. Now, as being a child of the King, the bible tells us to “ask, and it shall be given unto you. Let me say this. Money doesn’t change people, it only magnifies who they are inside. If you are a greedy person and you come into money your greed is more magnified. If you are a giving peson, you become more giving. These men are coveter’s. They covet your money, and that spirit of covetousness is also in alot of the folks sending money. Think about it fo a moment, “they say, send us a seed of 1000 dollars and God is going to wipe out your 40,000 dollars of debt. Hmm 1000 dollars for 40, 000. God doesn’t work like that. I am blessed of the Lord with health, children, sight, etc. He meets my needs, and I pay my tithes (10% of my gross paycheck) I also give in offerings, and empty stocking funds etc. God knows our hearts, Be ye a cheerful giver, but if you give, with the expectation of getting back, you are now trying to make a purchase. You cannot purchase God! Be careful when listening to these “Hucksters”, they are only in this for themselves. Remember the bible tells us that there will be many that say,” but lord we built this in your name, and we healed the sick in your name, and he will reply” Depart from me, ye workers of iniquity for I never knew you.” Study to show thy self approved. God Bless.

    • Rex fletcher says:

      All coontz is doing is behaving like any good shepherd..clothing himself from his flock and slaughtering the Spring lambs to make himself wealthy

  33. Felicia says:

    I must say that at the time when I sowed my seed of $273 I was emotionally beat up with family issues and could not sleep so strolling through the channels I found Todd preaching and giving spiritual guidance and then I felt obligated to be obedient and I did. I must say I did not expect anything in particular but being obedient eased some of the pain that I was feeling. I am the most skeptical person there is but I fell for this send money and believe in a breakthrough. I was only compelled to seek any falsehood after waking again early a.m. to see Todd on air asking for money again. So I was curious to see if there was anyone that felt they were led by a spirit or by a fool. Todd I found is not a ordained preacher but is a financial counselor and has found that he can make more money through religion than actually helping consumers in need of managing their money. I am little disapponted in myself but God knows I gave only because I was in a bondage with a person that was stealing my joy. I pray though that God still delivers me and send the crooks to prison so the inmates can sow a seed in their behind! We must remember the devil comes in all kinds of faces and learning the word of God for yourself is what God really wants from all of us.

  34. Jacobb Smith says:

    Coontz is a liar and a charlatan.
    1 Tim 6:5
    and constant friction among people who are depraved in mind and deprived of the truth, imagining that godliness is a means of gain.

  35. Farnell Junior Prescott says:

    Hi,Doctor Todd Coontz.I am haveing a very hard time.My family is small I lost my brther in a car wreak in 07 I lost my dad in 08 with lung problems I lost my dad mother in 09 with cancer I lost my grandfarther in 010 at age of 95years old now I need help with land taxses 2 acurds probation for driven I help but drive after my grandmother left I had to be the one to take care of my granddad,take to doctor is vsisit.Now I have twins girle Emily, Brayden I cauld get my kids but my house isnot in oder to get them. I need God help cauld pray with me to ask for his help thruogh his son jesus christ amen.

  36. Rufus Harris says:

    I would almost guarantee you 99.9% that Dr.Coontz is a 33rd degree freemason. Taking money from the “Goyim” is what these TV Televangelist do. When he uses Duet:27:3 as his verse it’s symbolic for 3×3 (27) and 3. Very important numbers to masons. Horus, Isis, Set the unholy trinity and 33 for BACON as in Sir Francis Bacon the founder of modern speculative freemasonry. He edited the KJV bible and was the rightful heir to the Tudor throne being Queen Elizabeth 1 first son. Yes she had two sons though the history books say she was the “Virgin Queen”. That’s why Jesus died at 33 years old and there are 66 books in the bible. The real birthday of Jesus is 9/11/06 BC during the feast of Tabernacles. Anyone on TV is on TV to make money for their Zionist bosses not to spread truth. It’s all about the money and prosperity religions are phony. Don’t be fooled. For what it’s worth I almost sent money to Dr. Coontz this morning believe it or not because I felt he was speaking to me directly, especially when he mentioned restoring a relationship with a son. Glad I didn’t send it as I was half asleep. Very convincing unless you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

  37. ron jr says:

    well i’m not really sure bout the rest of you but isn’t it funny that he says he gets excited when he sees fed x and ups trucks / and he doesn’t say he gets excited reading his bible or praying or helping others also he said or says to not sow your seed in your home church but to his because he has the anointing i think hes 1 of the 1s we have to watch out for the wolf in sheeps clothing. I watched him a little bit and noticed no emotion from him except when he was talking about the fed x and ups trucks

  38. Fairlight says:

    These so call preachers, don’t even know what the sowing of the seed is… Read LUKE 8:11
    The seed is the word of God!!!! not money….

  39. rb says:

    God spoke to me this very night and said ” my son, all I have for you is hard dick and bubble gum, opps !, i just crewed the last pc. of gum “, Sorry but is it not funny that people always “find” Jesus in a dark room ? as for me i never knew Jesus was lost. You don’t find Jesus, you gain faith by belief.

  40. Ike says:

    Ah, yes, the Fed EX UPS miracle testimony. Notice how this low life creep says he almost becomes unglued whenever he sees a Fed EX or UPS truck! Kind of like when a crack addict sees his dealer.
    Coontz is a disgrace. He talks a little bible babble all leading up to the request for you to send him some of your cash. That’s all he does. He is a clone of Mike Money Murdock who I thought was the sleaziest. Coontz is a good learner though, he has all of Murdocks irrational, stupid pet sayings perfected. I just wish there was a way to end these criminal enterprises disguised as “ministry”.

  41. Jason says:

    Don’t let these pharisees discourage you from a relationship with God.Jesus lived His life as an example of how we should live ours, and he never required money in order to know Him.If this so-called preacher believes in the Word of God, let him depend on God for financing.You are responsible to God to pay a tenth(tithes) of all income to God, so don’t steal wjat belongs to God.If you can’t find a trustworthy ministry, then give it to those in need.Proverbs tells us that the person who gives to the poor and needy lend unto God and God will repay him/her.God is still in control,is still pure,is still Holy, and still trustworthy regardless of what people choose to be.And while we are discussing these thoughts, don’t forget that there are still men and women of God, church bodys as well, that still have pure and righteous hearts and motives.Don’t judge everyone by the appearence of the few.

  42. Donnalee says:

    I looked up Koontz on the net because he made me so mad I could spit. I ran across him while channel surfing. How do these people stay on the airways? There Has to be some kind of a law. He and others are frauds. They prey on the weak and desperate. But then again–what about the ones that want to send you a “magic” hankie, water or magic oil to cure you of your monetary and physical problems. I maintain that these pieces of garbage are probably sacrificing chickens or goats in the back room. AND laughing all the way to the bank. Sorry, I don’t think that there Is a trustworthy ministry out there. I have personally seen a catholic priest in a casino, playing $25.00 slot machines. I Will give money to a beggar on the streets but Never will Any so-called religious organization get a nickel out of me. Sorry–I don’t care for Mormons either. Why not? I remember when they got the “Revelation” that blacks were human. Give me a break. That’s like the vatican owning a piece of the “pill” industry, then preaching–go out and multiply. JERKS.

  43. Donnalee says:

    Misspelled Coontz. My bad–or not.

  44. Ryan says:

    I am literaly watching this program right now and cannot believe a word I am hearing. There are many obvious flaws in the Mormon Colt, I mean “Religion”, one I reciently learned was that black people could not go to Heaven until not that long ago since society has seemed to accept black people more so then the Book Of Mormon has been changed so they now can go to Heaven. Funny how the Book Of Mormon is constantly changed with society by an average human being lol. Okay sorry I got a little distracted, but this is just absolutely unacceptable! This horrible, man Tod Coontz is upsetting just to watch. You would never see anything like this from any other religion, Tod Coots literally is claiming he is speaking for god, he is telling people “Even if you don’t have ANY money, you need to put it on your credit card! I know this doesn sound logical but if you do this you will get rid of all your money problems.” Yeah, don’t feed your children or help someone in need, just give this horrible man your money to support himself and his colt

  45. mb says:

    Special place in hell for folks like this

  46. Amber says:

    So If Todd Coontz,Mike Murdock, Rod Parsley, Etc Are False ‘Prophets’…….Then Who Are The Good Ones???

    • sourz says:

      There are wolves in sheep clothes, this is why we need discernment. Giving should be done cheerfully from the heart, its not the amount that matters but your heart, remember that lady who gave two cents and Jesus admired her because thats all she had, while others gave from their excess. You can give to the poor, your church, orphans there is plenty of places you could give and God will bless you. I think some minsters are truly christian like Murdok and parsley but their focus may be a bit off instead of just teaching on prayer, and being an example how to worship God they are preoccupied too much with money, but I believe they are sincere, HOWEVER there are some that are just flat out fake and those fake ones USUALLY you dont see them on stations like TBN (may be one? or two who might fall thru the cracks), and if you are prayerful God will give you the discernment. 

  47. Instead of tithing to those wealthy ministries, take your tithes to the altar of your local church. You are REQUIRED to give God your 10%, but he never said to feed the money-hungry television ministries. Also, your tithes do reap rewards AS GOD PROMISES. It sounds like many people are putting their faith in man and not in God.

    • Ray Young says:

      Don Maggard:

      Have you ever heard of this man.

      People donate to his after he tells them that God has told him to ask for a given amount you will be blessed and get out of debt. If you do not give what he asks for he will call you up personally and tell you that the gift does not match what the lord told his to ask for and if that amount is not received your donation is kept and your debt is still hanging over your head.

      He’s a con artist.


  48. Patricia says:

    Wow! I have just watched this man on TV for the first time. He was getting the congregation to chant “I want more stuff” over and over. Unbelievable!

  49. staytrue2him says:

    This man is more evil than any Wiccan or anyone operating in the occult. Coontz has a pure absence of shame—He leads astray sheep and shepherds alike—this man is courting great judgement on himself—I hope he repents. The gospel is a Holy thing…No one will enter into His Kingdom holding a bag of coins…

  50. gb says:

    I’ve been fired up over these scammers for years…Murdock, Koontz, there are so many of them…Jenkins…IT must work, or there would not be so many. I do believe they are athiests…because if they were really God fearing, they would understand this is the ultimate insult to God, to use his name to exploit desperate people. They are SCUM! I’m so glad to see I’m not the only one who has seen this. I sometimes watch just to be amazed at how blatantly disgusting, and criminal they are…

  51. RA says:

    Do not give your money to this man! I work at a call center and one of our clients is rockwealth minstries! When you call in to make these stupid donations you arent even calling the actual ministry! You’re calling me and the call center i work at. I try so hard without making it obvious to get people not to give away their money to this scam. Im about to quit because i just cant take doing it anymore.

  52. Biff says:

    I feel very sorry for anyone who profits one penny or more in Christs

  53. stephanie says:

    Why do you have to lie about preachers.? He doesn’t call people and tell them they didn’t give enough and they didn’t have enough faith.that’s bullcorn.if someone gives the plan of salvation and. people are saved, who cares.grown up people choose to give.they are not made to.who cares what other people do with their money.need to gripe about how much money is given to the alcohol industry.

    • stephanie says:

      If a preacher is leading people adtray, they have their faith in the wrong thing.the bible says not to put our trust in any flesh.they need to read the WORD OF GOD AND KNOW WHAT IS SAYS SO THEY WILL RECOGNISE WHO IS PREACHING THE WORD AND WHO IS NOT.ARE YOU PEOPLE BRINGING PEOPLE TO JESUS? DO YALL EVEN KNOW HIM YOURSELVES WHO BADMOUTH EVERY SINGLE TV PREACHER ?

  54. Debbie says:

    I to feel for this mans lies. I had never heard of him and one day I turned on my TV and there he was talking about how he had received a message from God that he is going to restore your life and 7 people need to call and donate $273.00 I usually do not fall for this kind of thing but for some reason this one got me. Two days later I returned to that same channel and there he was telling the same story just in a different way. That’s when a light bulb went off that I had just got scammed. I called my credit card company told them the story and they gave me my money back right then and it in dispute. I had already called them for a refund and of course they had to as someone else and call me back it has been days and no call back of course. So for anyone that has not give to him DON”T and for the ones who have call your credit card company and fast. If you put it on a debit card that is the same as a credit card they protect you just the same so call them or your bank ASAP and stop the payment or dispute it. keep good records of trying to get your money back dates times you called and who you talked to and what they said. So you will be ready if they try to say you owe them. DO NOT OPEN ANY PACKAGE FROM HIM!!!! He could use that as a reason to keep your money. Keep it and if they try to use that send it back with a return receipt showing you retuned it. I hope this helps each person who bought into his deception. Call the attorney generals office in South Carolina and report him. That is the only way he will get stopped from this. Call the Better Business Bureau as well. Lets stop this man from doing this to others,

  55. karen says:

    I read today in Deuteronomy 26:12-13, that the tithe (which was a tenth of the peoples’ crops) was to be given to the Levite (the first priest), the alien, the fatherless and the widow, so that they may eat and be satisfied. Thus, the tithe went to support the church and the church should use the tithe to support those in needy. It was not to make any one person rich. A true servant of Christ could not take God’s tithe or the offerings to live in mansions while there are still poor, hungry and hurting people. Paul, the Apostle, worked while preaching and serving in the early church, so as not to bring reproach on himself and the Christ about whom he preached. There are poor and hurting people in hospitals, prisons, and your neighborhood. Give your cup of cold water in Jesus’ name to those. Give your title to the church where you’re fed the word and if you are not currently attending a church ask God where he wants you to tithe. Todd Coontz, Mike Murdock and all the Mega churches have lost sight of what matters to God; loving people, taking care of one another and doing the work of the kingdom of God. Follow Christ and his example. A thief is a thief whether he steals in his own name or in the name of God. I just wouldn’t want to be one who steals in God’s name. Would you? We need to pray that God cleans up his house, because its his Name upon which they bring reproach and cause men to turn from God, believing that all God’s people are hypocrits.


  56. Paul says:

    I’m just glad to see I’m not the only one that realizes the scrum bag is a scam artist the sad thing is there are way too many others just like him in the Christian faith. In large part I think this has pushed many away from the church I know it has me.I just see the contradiction in this whole thing any time people are using religion to benefit themselves and their family’s that’s just wrong to me.I come from a small town in indiana not to far from we’re a certain gospel singer and preacher Bill g@$+#!r is from and have witnessed the private jet fly limousine riding multiple mansion homes these people own. I could understand making a living or having your needs met as a leader of a ministry but having a life of luxury is just wrong while there are people in your parish going with out does the preacher and his family all really need a new fancy car for each one of them and so on and so on. Remember Christ walked in the temple and seen all the merchants sale goods in his father’s house and what he did tipping the tables demolishing the stakes the bad thing is largely this is what the Christian faith has become.preacher man tries to sale me philosophy but it ain’t free cause to get close to God you gotta give lots of money well that’s kinda funny to me

  57. Errol Sperling says:

    Koontz, Murdock and the others are simply con artists who are also sociopaths. I feel they are dangerous people that should be stopped. Its ok to have faith but to believe that the lord can or will do the things alleged by these con men is very sad. People must have some sense of reality. I believe the greed of these con men are equaled by the people who sow seeds to reap a harvest they did not earn. Koontz/Murdock know that the greed of people will make them rich. My advice is to curb your greed and temper your faith with some reality and only give to your church.

    • Ray Young says:

      My advice is to curb your greed and temper your faith with some reality and only give to your church.

      The best remark about you follow up on these people. You money should be where you worship. That is what keep the church alive. The problems today is that 80 Percent of the giving is by only 20% of the people attending a given church. No you cannot buy your way to heaven but a person does owe the Lord at least his 10 % because the Lord gives you 100% then only trusts you to give Him back 10%.

      Thanks for keeping the pressure on wrong full giving these days.

      Ray Young rly2@surewest.net

  58. Tom says:

    Todd is a liar and a fraud. Worse, he isn’t even original; Oral Roberts (a convicted fraud) started the same routine decades ago. If you want an investment, see an investment counselor, if you want to bless people with your money, give it to them.

  59. Barney Fife says:

    The entire organization is a religious fraud … and a complete scam. However, if anyone is dumb enough to send those idiots money, then you deserve to be without it.

  60. Pat McGroin says:

    These pulpit pimps are worse than ordinary thieves. With ordinary thieves, there’s no pretense to piety. Coontz is a despicable scumbag.

  61. Pat McGroin says:

    Coontz, Hinn, Murdock, Copeland, Meyers, Dollar, Roberts, Tilton, White, Jakes, TBN, etc. There is no end to the conga line of thieving Pulpit Pimps. Don’t give a penny to these frauds!!!!

  62. Rev. Joseph Armstrong says:

    Every morning when I wake up, I be hearing Murdock and others who come on Camp Meeting, preaching prosperity and at the end of their sermon, they go on telling long drawn story how God spoke to them and told them to give $5,000 and at the end of the week they got bless with double, and they say the Lord spoke to them and that God want the watcher to give $ 1000, and what gets me they supposed to be preaching getting of debt, but at the end the sermon, he tell you if you don’t have the money you can give it on your credit card and Lord will make you debt free. Stuff like this you have to look out for if this preaching bout giving a seed of $1000 and being debt why would he want you to charge $1000 on your card, that doesnt sound right, beside the Lord, want to give what he puts on your heart and not to be force in giving. These preachers remind what read in

    1 Samuel 2:12-17 (NKJV)
    The Wicked Sons of Eli
    12 Now the sons of Eli were corrupt; they did not know the Lord. 13 And the priests’ custom with the people was that when any man offered a sacrifice, the priest’s servant would come with a three- pronged fleshhook in his hand while the meat was boiling. 14 Then he would thrust it into the pan, or kettle, or caldron, or pot; and the priest would take for himself all that the fleshhook brought up. So they did in Shiloh to all the Israelites who came there. 15 Also, before they burned the fat, the priest’s servant would come and say to the man who sacrificed, “Give meat for roasting to the priest, for he will not take boiled meat from you, but raw.”
    16 And if the man said to him, “They should really burn the fat first; then you may take as much as your heart desires,” he would then answer him, “ No, but you must give it now; and if not, I will take it by force.”
    17 Therefore the sin of the young men was very great before the Lord, for men abhorred the offering of the Lord.

    Eli sons was wicked, and these people remind me of them, who take peoples money for themselves, not only that But Jesus also warns us concerning false prophets and teachers like them,

    Matthew 7:15-20 (NKJV)
    You Will Know Them by Their Fruits
    15 “ Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.

    And what about Paul, he also warns Titus and Timothy about false teachers who will teach false doctrine and say that they are from God, but they not, these preachers are out for greed and God is not please with that.

    You have to remember, the will at anytime you don’t have watch this man on TV, for the Lord to bless you only we have to do is just have faith and trust in him this what the bible saids, but first we must read and study the for ourselves so we can get craught in these traps.

    In the book of Juda he warns us about these false teacher, but main thing let the Lord lead u into what to give, when give and to whom to give it to and when we do this, we will never grow wrong.

  63. David Redding says:

    All the Word of Faith – Prosperity Gospel Televangelists are fake and distort the teachings of the Bible for their own enrichment. I am convinced they are all atheists and being so know that when they shuffle off this mortal coil they will have to answer to no-one – pity really as I’d love to hear their defence if a deity did exist.

    • Rex fletcher says:

      Hello..it is unfortunate..a kin to a corrupt church selling indulgencies……I don t ever recall from the bible Jesus handling money…as for possessions perhaps his clothes were borrowed..but I do know thatto him wealth in this world mean t nothing

  64. I am a devout christian BUT everytime I have watched Todd coontz I get this feeling on the pit of my stomach. I DONT BELIEVE HE IS EVEN A CHRISTIAN. GOD forgive me if I misjuged him. I believe God gave me the discernment to see thru his lies. I dont know what is wrong with him, the guys is not right, I just dont get how he can decieve all the tv stations, that try to bring minsters that are geniune or at least are truly christian. I dont get the same feeling about mike mordak at least he is a true christian I can tell. and I dont doubt God can bless people. Sowing and reaping is Godly principle, but it appears its being abused by some “servants” of God. I love bennyhinn, but I was shocked to see that he cant see thru Todd coontz. We need discernment in the church badly.

  65. Thomas Varghese says:

    Dear Dr. Coontz,

    I happened to hear one of your Sermons and at the start I was really impressed with your Powerful Oratory skills.

    The start was very catchy, as you commenced with the words that the listeners are just 8 minutes away from the mighty Miracle that is to take place in their life and all throughout you have been emphasizing on the word “Faith”

    No doubt, the Almighty can work in our life only through ‘Faith’ and it was the same point that Jesus our Savior had emphasized all throughout his life on this earth. But please note that he has never asked his followers to pay him in return for his Miracles. All the mighty Miracles that He did was not against payment of any Dollars.
    It was a real shame for the whole Christian community to hear your demand of USD 273, for Christ to work a Miracle in the lives of the first 7 who would contact through a Sales Agent as yourself. As a Christian it was humiliating for me to hear that Jesus would need $273 to work through you. Wonder how many times 7 of your viewers had fallen into your trap.

    Some time back, there was a so called preacher named Peter who used to sell Holy Water for USD 7 and many gullible believers did fall for it. However, he is now no longer appearing on the TV.
    You have all the skills for brilliant Salesmanship and hence I would recommend that you change your profession and go for a more honest livelihood as a Salesman of a reputed Company. You can become a real asset to that Firm.

    Of course, there is nothing wrong in asking the viewers to contribute to the Ministry to meet the expenses, and it is the duty of the viewers to do so. But it should not be projected as the cost for receiving Miracles from our Lord Jesus who is not known to have made any profit in exchange for his miraculous powers.

    Please do not tarnish the image of the Christian Ministries as Money-making enterprises.

    Thanks a lot and sorry for this straight forward and blunt request.
    Sincerely yours,

    Tel : 00 971 50 490 1996

  66. “God requires your tithes”. I here this over and over, yet no one in the last thirty-five years that I have been preaching, has been able to produce the Scripture that says God requires me to tithe.

    Where is this alleged requirement recorded in God’s Holy Word? Book? Chapter? Verse?

    Perhaps Pastor Randy K. Duke can tell me? If he can, I’ll write out a check for $1,000 to VHBC, where he is pastoring.

  67. Kerry marshall says:

    And these people are uncountable for every cent they rake in. Small churches are closing buildings and programs, ministers are leaving for financial reasons as billions of dollars are pouring into these television ministries. So who is really robbing God of tithes and offer ings? Who is gaining entry to the houses of widows and robbing them. Small wonder it’s so difficult to witness to unbelievers with these people representing the Body of Christmas.

  68. db says:

    when he says his fed ex ups testimony and that he also recieves checks from people happy to see him does he mean he blackmailed all of them?

  69. Loose f. Hur says:

    This dude and his kind need to be in prison getting sodomized daily. As far as the people that give to him and his kind money need to be stripped of thier right to vote and not allowed to breed. What a fucking piece of shit this scumbag is.

  70. Jody Knelson says:

    Just ran into this guy this morning. Since when does he have authority to say when God will give a blessing or not???? These preachers have no shame and will face Gods wrath for preying on those who are in need. I don’t understand how they cannot see through his games. His whole service is about money, his website is all about money.

  71. Tom McFadden says:

    I would love to know what kind of doctor the good doctor is..

  72. Phillip says:

    Hey we are reaching the ending of 2016….and let me tell you, I just saw this exact pre-recorded time based shameless request for money.

    How this isn’t a crime is beyond me….it is obviously a sin against God and he will answer to that privately….but that society also let’s this exist and “The Word Network ” broadcasts this charlatan is so disappointing…well maybe that he isn’t alone is even more disappointing.

    May God bring wisdom to the people who happen to be watching these scammers.

  73. James strunk says:

    All these false prophets like Murdock,Coontz,Hinn and so on talk about planting a “seed” are in the same club,to line their pockets with people’s hard earned money.Jesus spread the word of love,not money.These people will pay when judgement comes for taking the food out of starving people’s mouths to buy their mansions and jets.May the eyes of the people be opened when they see these false prophets on T.V.,people don’t be fooled by these people if u want to give,give to your local church where it will be used for good like food banks and helping the poor ,not lining the pockets of these decievers.GOD BLESS ALL OF YOU.

  74. Jon says:

    I’ll tell you this. Koontz had one of the most severe eyelid surgeries I’ve ever seen. Do before and after. Its worse than Kenny Rogers. Terrible.

  75. Jon says:

    I’ll tell u what. Koontz had one of the worst eyelid surgeries ever. It looks ridiculously foolish. Crazy. Do before and after. Nuts!!

  76. Jon says:

    Terrible eyelid surgery!! Ridiculous

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