Latte Bloomer

OK, this piece is just thoroughly delightful:

The 40-Year-Old Coffee Virgin

Coincidentally, I had my first cup of the dreaded brew at age 40. Surely, the existence of coffee is proof of God’s love for us.

5 Responses to Latte Bloomer

  1. Diane Sower says:

    Never have liked the taste of coffee, but that hasn’t stopped me from ordering my favorite drink occasionally, caramel coke. And when I was first getting ill with my autoimmune disorders, and hadn’t been diagnosed, I was taking caffeine pills every day. They do give caffeine to preemies to keep apnea at bay, ya know?

  2. Diane Sower says:

    Just a quickie, then I’ll leave you alone. While still in the church, I discovered my pre-teen daughter drinking instant coffee. She had enough on her plate at the time, with depression ever looming, so I let her drink away. My feelings were fuck the church, I’ve got a sick girl who’s feeling better each morning after once cup of something to drink. Jeez.

  3. And as I read this post, I’m enjoying a hot cup of caramel macchiato.

    • runtu says:

      My first taste of coffee was a caramel macchiato from The Coffee Station in College Station, Texas. A coworker came into my office the day before and said, “Hey, I guess you can drink coffee now.” I hadn’t even thought of it, but the next day she brought me the macchiato. Now my problem is that most coffees, especially Starbucks, don’t measure up to the quality of that one. Oh, well.

  4. K*tty says:

    How about all that proof of the benefits of coffee and tea? Not long ago, I was with my Mormon friends for lunch and and ordered iced tea. A new lady to the group that had not met me and apparently knew not that I was an “UNBELIEVER”, said, somewhat disapprovingly, “You are going to have tea?”
    I said, “Yes. It is actually good for you, no matter what God supposedly told Joseph Smith.”

    I haven’t been to lunch with them since. But they have to miss me. Right?

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