The Miracle of Stupidity

In what could have a been a more “disarming” experience, a missionary who had climbed on top of a wall at the zoo was attacked and injured by a pair of lions.

My first reaction was that only a stupid kid would climb up the wall around a lion enclosure, but then pretty much all of us were stupid kids at 19 and 20. I guess sometimes God sends a miracle to save His children from themselves.

I’m not surprised that the article in the church-owned Deseret News prefers to focus on the “miracle” that the lion opened its mouth when the sisters said “Amen” (aided by another missionary with a pry bar).

Moral of the story: The walls in a zoo are there for a reason.

One Response to The Miracle of Stupidity

  1. Diane Sower says:

    If my kid pulled off that stunt and survived, I’d smack him upside the head. Talk about stupid.

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