After “this is the right place”

Most people are aware of Brigham Young’s famous declaration upon reaching the Salt Lake Valley. For the first time, I present the ten things said by arriving pioneers after Brigham got there.

10. Is that the welcoming committee from the Eagle Forum?
9. No, Brother Kimball, I’m not seeing anyone currently.
8. This can’t be the place. Srsly?
7. Now that we’re free from the mobs, all we have to worry about are gays, feminists, and so-called intellectuals.
6. No, I am not a Democrat. Why do you ask?
5. You left your keys where?
4. Why would anyone want to re-enact that?
3. Stop crying, Brother Beck!
2. What do you mean, “no beer sales on Sunday”?
1. It’s all right, President Young, but the Correlation Committee recommends shortening “the right place” to “the place.”


5 Responses to After “this is the right place”

  1. James Tompkins says:

    would everyone please pray for my Dau. and I’s money problem. I know that someone some where has the answer.any suggestion wold be appreanaace. Thanks James

    • runtu says:

      Do you have any family or friends who could help? Can you go to your pastor or church for help? I think too often we are too proud to ask when we need help, but I always figure that sometimes it’s good to give other people an opportunity to do selfless service. At the very least, don’t give any more money to the Murdocks and Coontzes of the world.

  2. Diane Sower says:

    James, I don’t know if it’s just prayers you are looking for, but if it is, I can do that. Prayers and meditations coming your way. If you want to share more, it might help.

  3. Diane Sower says:

    Re: “This is the right place”, hilarious. But then, everyone in my 88 yr old dad’s ward knows he’s a democrat, and they don’t care. I think there’s quite a few of them out there, just with out the balls to come out of the closet and speak for the impoverished.

  4. […] the day Brigham Young uttered those famous words “This is the place” (or something like that). BiV asks what the holiday means to Mormons outside of Utah (growing up on the East coast and […]

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