Honoring Ex-Mormon Pioneers

It occurs to me that we were taught to honor our pioneer forebearers because they were willing to sacrifice to follow truth. They gave up home and family to follow their consciences.

In our own way, we are likewise pioneers. Many of us here have sacrificed a great deal to follow our consciences. Many of us have lost friends, family members, marriages, homes, relationships because we chose to follow what we believed was right. Leaving the church is an act of courage, humility, and moral strength, and that deserves our honor and respect.

So, here’s to all you pioneers out there.


One Response to Honoring Ex-Mormon Pioneers

  1. Diane Sower says:

    I love the fact that my 88 yr. old dad loves to tell me how could the church possibly be wrong after all the pioneers did for us? Well, when you believe something hook, line, and sinker, about your salvation, you’ll shake snakes at yourself. Jeepers. You are right. Let’s honor ourselves, for being independent thinkers. Let’s honor our grown children for choosing their own paths, and respect their choices. Let’s just plain find joy and happiness in the plan we’ve picked for ourselves.

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