Ask a Mormon Apostate

I just got through listening to an NPR broadcast regarding Mormonism, its new-found visibility and political impact. The two guests were church spokesman Michael Purdy and blogger/professor Joanna Brooks. It wasn’t bad, but it was pretty much what I expected. Purdy pretty much kept to the script about Mormonism and the misconceptions people have about it. Professor Brooks did what I thought she would do by glossing over or taking a more-or-less apologetic approach to the church, as if trying to find a more accepting and accommodating church that has a place for people like her.

My biggest issue is that such people really don’t give a real perspective on Mormonism, but then that’s not really their intent.

So, in the spirit of more honest and open discussion of Mormonism, I’m starting a feature called “Ask a Mormon,” wherein anyone who likes may submit a question, and I’ll answer it honestly and bluntly. So, if you have questions, send them to, with the subject line “Ask a Mormon.” If I can’t answer the question, I’ll consult people who can.

On second thought, “Ask a Mormon” is already being used in multiple places by different people. So, let’s change this to “Ask a Mormon Apostate,” which some people would find more accurate anyway.

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