“That’s So Mormon.”

A reader pointed me to this link over on Dan Savage’s blog:

That’s So Mormon

I can relate to being bullied for, among other things, being Mormon. True, for some reason, Mormons were over-represented on our student council, but I wasn’t exactly one of the popular crowd. So, yeah, having Mormonism used as an insult would have made things worse for me.

As for the rest of the letter, is Mormon family support conditioned on obedience? I would say so in a lot of cases. I can also relate to the guilt and shame mentioned in the letter, as I struggled with both for many years, not because I had done something horrible, but because I had been taught to feel that way about myself.


2 Responses to “That’s So Mormon.”

  1. Diane Sower says:

    That’s part of the guilt of leaving mormonism, the fact that we will disappoint our loved ones, and they may treat us differently. Luckily, I was still treated basically the same. Over the years, as my children have done things I’ve not been pleased with, I’ve reminded myself just to love them, to treat them as gifts, and to learn what I can from their experiences in life. I always told them they could come to me and tell me anything, but now, in my middle years, I almost wish I hadn’t. LOL.

  2. […] and unpopular and for having various social problems, but not specifically for being Mormon. But others report having been bullied for being Mormon. That shouldn’t […]

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