Seen in Provo

I saw a button yesterday that said, “COME AS YOU ARE! LDS Institute.”

Immediately, I thought, “Come as you are; leave as we want you to be.”


3 Responses to Seen in Provo

  1. You’ve added an apt slogan. Too bad there is no room in Mormonism for people who don’t meet the orthodoxy/conformity test.

  2. Odell says:

    A suspect a Mormon wouldn’t see a problem with the slogan. It is analagous to Hinckley saying “We [LDS church] make good men better.”

  3. Diane Sower says:

    That’s ridiculous. Nobody mormon comes as they are. The standards of dress set them up for comparison against each other, and you always know who’s got the most in the ward. Women don’t come to church in freezing weather in Alaska in pants. They come wearing nylons and high heels, and pretty dresses.

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