Overlooking La Paz from Pampahasi

Here is a photo of me standing at the edge of the Pampahasi neighborhood overlooking La Paz. Pampahasi is a flat, narrow mesa that slopes up from its low point on the south northward toward the mountains.

Just past my left elbow you can see the futbol stadium, and from there you can see a street going toward the lower right of the photo. That street is called Pasos Kanki, and at the bottom of the hill is the bridge.

Compare that with this video shot from approximately the same location in 2011 (if you pause at about 0:17, it’s roughly the same perspective):


2 Responses to Overlooking La Paz from Pampahasi

  1. Faith says:

    I just finished reading your book–couldn’t put it down! I’ll review it next month on a book review blog I belong to. (quirkygirlsread.wordpress.com)

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