“The Mormon Ronald Reagan”

This is too good not to share. I saw that my book is #6 on Amazon’s list of hot new Mormon releases (whatever that means).

Higher on the list is the new Teachings of Thomas S. Monson. The first review is amazing:

Compiling this book is not as easy as one might think. President Monson has such a strong speech style–the three points with alliteration/consonance, plus the heartwarming case studies–that it does not lend it self to a topical book. In fact, it may be better to get get his other books–Pathways to Perfection: Discourses of Thomas S. Monson, Be Your Best Self, Live the Good Life, Inspiring Experiences That Build Faith: From the Life and Ministry of Thomas S. Monson, An Invitation to Exaltation (Timeless talks)–for the “full throttle” Thomas S. Monson experience.

This is not to criticize him, his speaking abilities (he’s the Mormon Ronald Reagan), or Lynne F. Cannegieter. It’s just that we have this tradition, and a pressing need, to have the words of the living prophet in one place. I just wonder if we should have gone the “Discourses of Thomas S. Monson” rout like “DDiscourses of President Gordon B. Hinckley, Vol. 2: 2000-2004.” It would be truer to who Thomas S. Monson is.

But as it stands, this is the book we need. Organized topically, you can find what you need. And if not, the index is always there. I’m grateful–and this a big “plus”–for the scripture index. He gets panned as being “The ‘warm fuzzy’ specialist. Low octane doctrine. High octane emotion.” Just look at the scriptures he cites, and cover your face in shame.

I found it helpful–not for the new things, but the reaffirmation of old things. As John A Widtsoe said, “A seer is one who sees with spiritual eyes. He perceives the meaning of that which seems obscure to others; therefore he is an interpreter and clarifier of eternal truth.” (Evidences and Reconciliations)

And so we have one.

I thought about what I could say in response to the review, but I think it’s best to let it speak for itself.


2 Responses to “The Mormon Ronald Reagan”

  1. Odell says:

    Like this??

    “A few years ago I told the Mormon people I took care of countless widows since my childhood. My heart and my best intentions still tell me that’s true, but the facts and the evidence tell me it is not.”

  2. The Mormon Ronald Reagan? What could be more meaningful?

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