Slowly but surely, I’m posting some photos that show the places where my book takes place.

Here are some pictures of me in Tarija, in southern Bolivia. When we got off the plane, the warmth of the sun was so foreign because we’d been cold for months. Toward the west end of town is a hill known locally as “La Loma” (which, not surprisingly, is Spanish for “the hill”). Here I am standing on an overlook on La Loma looking to the Southwest, with the Guadalquivir River and mountains behind me. At this point I was probably as thin as I would ever be; I weighed 114 lbs. My hair still bears the residual effects of a failed experiment with hydrogen peroxide.

This is a photo of roughly the same view today. The tree next to where I was standing is just barely visible at the left.

This photo shows the main part of Tarija looking east from La Loma. It doesn’t seem to have changed much, though it’s a little bigger.


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