Latter-day Main Street Reviews My Book

Author and blogger C.L. Hanson has reviewed my book at Latter-day Main Street:

The Armpit of the Mission Field: “Heaven Up Here” by John K. Williams



One Response to Latter-day Main Street Reviews My Book

  1. I would like to say in defense of byu that i am very glad and thank the lord that byu does allow diverse viewpoints of studying differant heresies and ideologies.what does theeen authors have to be upset with? Byu has always had its variety of diverse of viewpoints while mainiatining the honor code. all students are welcomed at byu regardless rather you are mormon or not gay or straight, white or black the byu univeristy has always be read the article in the emnsign over same sex attraction and ive read several church leaders on the subject of gays and same sex my opinion the church still mainatains that being gay is not the accepted norm in the church as far as entering the celestial kingdom of God and becoming like heavenly father. The church still maintains that being gay is sinful and to act out on the feelings and desires aeristiytnd attraction is sinful but to not act out on the same sex attraction is not sinful.even though the church maintains the same standards about gays the church and the byu university has taught that gay lesbian brother and sisters are to be treated with dignity respe ct and kindness through charity christlike love fiorendshipping and fellowshipping them.there will alays be those in any university or church de3noimination that will be condemning and jugmental and intolerant of diveristy and diifferant viewpoints but Brigham Young univeristy has alays been Diverse and stuideied differant viewpoints from other ideologies and has always wellcomed all students into BYU refgardless of sexual orientation, sex, race pr religion.

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