The secret of contentment

Is not to ask any questions.

Wickedness never was happiness, but what exactly is happiness? The scriptures don’t really say, though we are told that if we are righteous and obedient, we’ll find happiness.

Hinckley said we would find happiness in conformity. Monson said it was to be found in suppressing “doubting, agnostic thoughts” and staying with our faith. And of course, Joseph Smith told us that happiness would come when we were able to overcome our conscience and obey “special revelation,” no matter how abominable it may seem.

But I think Fry and Laurie had it right. When we question, we open up new avenues of thought and doubt (and we may forget to suppress them). We may find ourselves stepping outside of easy conformity, and worst of all, we might apply our conscience to the things our church leaders teach us.

And that won’t do.


One Response to The secret of contentment

  1. Love it.
    Love Hugh.
    Love your writing.
    Love your truth.

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