My Non-Threatening Blog

A source from the Curriculum Department at the Church Office Building told me yesterday that not long ago he was in a meeting with some of the higher-level management. One of the people in the meeting had a folder containing a list of blogs that they were monitoring and some example postings. My source was surprised to hear my blog mentioned by name and discussed in the meeting. He said he wasn’t about to tell anyone he knew me, but the verdict on my blog was that I was not a threat and not worth worrying about.

I’ve known for a long time that the church keeps tabs on blogs, including mine. I used to get regular hits from the church’s IP address. When I mentioned that in my blog, the hits stopped, but then I started getting regular hits from the “More Good Foundation.” When I mentioned that, those hits stopped too, leaving me to believe that they’re still watching but using a proxy.

I guess it just floors me that they keep such close tabs on anyone who says anything even remotely critical.


9 Responses to My Non-Threatening Blog

  1. Andrew S. says:

    OK, now, this is a tease post.

    You can’t write a post about this without finding out what other blogs were mentioned on the list…

  2. runtu says:

    I honestly don’t know. My friend said that he wasn’t familiar with any of the others mentioned, but he knows about mine and was kind of shocked to hear it mentioned and discussed.

  3. Ray Agostini says:

    I once had a blog titled “Spotlight on Mormonism”, which I deleted a few years ago. I got hits from “Church sources”, and the FBI (maybe Mormons employed there?). I eventually decided that it *was* anti-Mormon, and deleted it. At the time I couldn’t see how it was anti-Mormon, but then one has “realisations”. There are ways and means to be critical, but I do believe there is a “line” between hostile criticism, and “friendly” criticism. One is constructive, the other destructive. If you want to be constructively critical, then imagine how you’d give tactful advice to a good friend. You’re not going to win his/her ear by turning against him/her. Even then, your motives may be misunderstood, but at least *you* know what your motives are.

  4. Alex says:

    I kind of envision a TOP TEN MOST WANTED memo being circulated in the COB with a list of the most dangerous blogs.


  5. chanson says:

    LOL, I’m with Andrew!! So, was MSP on the list, and are we a threat?

  6. tisatruth says:

    My question is what do they intend to do about the threatening blogs?

  7. pollypinks says:

    It’s not just mormons who keep track of blogs. Take a look at some of the women’s groups, like the Quiverfull women sometime.

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  9. Odell says:

    So are you relieved or disappointed? Too bad the LDS Church spends so much time keeping track of people and not use more time and resources to actually help people.

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