Top Ten Reasons for the Shakeup at the Maxwell Institute

10. Gerald Bradford’s email is actually a cipher key used to decode secret messages from the Illuminati.
9. Bill Hamblin needed an excuse to tell apostates to “bugger off.”
8. One more review of “An Insider’s View,” and they’d have to give Grant Palmer a free Slurpee.
7. The Review of Books was beginning to make the MADB board look like a testimony meeting.
6. Lou Midgley has been unmasked as the elusive “Doctor Scratch.”
5. John Dehlin had his calling and election made sure.
4. Apparently, sacrificing babies to Moloch is frowned upon in some circles.
3. The “Internet Mormons” have finally defeated the “Chapel Mormons.”
2. An angel with a drawn sword appeared to President Samuelson.
1. My 5-year mission to infiltrate NAMIRS with closet apostates has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.


3 Responses to Top Ten Reasons for the Shakeup at the Maxwell Institute

  1. jeanikins says:

    I love your sense of humor my friend and I’m so happy that your 5 year mission was such a huge success.
    How do I get my calling and election made sure? Can you arrange that for me?

  2. The mormon’s doctrines are completely founded on lying. All of them are liars. I have been serving a mission on Louisiana baton Rouge mission and I have been leaving miraculously to preserve my life because I was in a wong way and my life has been in danger for questioning some things discovered by me without knowing that i am doing what is not allowed about the rules of the LDS CHURCH.

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