I haven’t decided who I’m going to vote for this fall. I’ll probably get a lot of grief from this, but I’m really dismayed at the petty attacks from the Obama campaign on Romney’s record at Bain Capital. Our country is in deep trouble right now, and all they can do is flail away at when Romney officially left Bain. It’s shameful. I want to know what each person plans to do for the country, not whether Romney was still legally involved with Bain while he was working for the Olympics. So, here’s something I whipped up this morning.


11 Responses to Change?

  1. Nothing shows up for me, just a big white space.

  2. Oh, nevermind, it showed up after I commented.

  3. Odell says:

    I have no problems with the attacks in light of Romney’s refusal to make public more than last year’s tax returns. If the returns are released and reflect little involvement in management in Bain and the attacks continue, then I will have a problem.
    I suspect that the attacks on Bain may be better for Romney than would his tax returns might reveal, such as substantial use of tax loop holes, off shore accounts to avoid tax, and that his Mormon tithing contributions exceeded his taxes paid as a result of tax avoidance and income hiding mechanisms.

  4. jeanikins says:

    I think you guys need to face facts, you have a two headed one party system in the US. It doesn’t really matter who gets elected; the results will be the same.

    I do see more of a problem with the fact that his decisions will be guided by his Mormon background; ‘feet stuck in the mud’ and that the changes that are so necessary will need to be cleared using church standards. I don’t believe that the CEO really has much power in office; there are others more powerful who pull the strings.

    Good luck to the world!

  5. runtu says:

    I would just hope for a campaign about competing visions for the future. I know, not going to happen, but one can dream. At this point, the Obama campaign is just proving something the president said four years ago: “If you don’t have a record to run on, then you paint your opponent as someone people should run from.”

    Why are they not running on their record? Why not talk about the Affordable Health Care for America Act, which is a huge accomplishment? Just seems sad to be spending all this time on sideshows.

    And Jean, a few years ago I would have agreed with you, but today’s Republican Party seems determined to take us back to the 19th century.

  6. Goldarn says:

    Just because you don’t listen to the speeches they give in their entirety, doesn’t mean they don’t talk about it.
    As an aside, anyone who believes that both parties are basically the same has been asleep for the last 20 years.

    • runtu says:

      It’s a matter of emphasis. I pay a lot of attention to the campaign, the speeches, and all that. Right now the Obama campaign is all about Bain and has been for weeks. I had hoped for better.

    • ff42 says:

      Instead of an Ad homimem attack, how about explaining how you see the parties as different?

      I believe they are very similiar (and have become more of the same over the last 20 years) because they both want power and control over my life, liberty and property, any minor details about how they spend the money they steal pale in comparison to their basic theft and arrogance.

  7. Kullervo says:

    Nice. I’m voting for President Obama because I am a Democrat and because I think that the GOP is worse. That said, I will also be voting for someone significantly more conservative in the Democratic primaries in 2016.

  8. I’m voting for Rocky Anderson as my protest against both the major party candidates.

  9. Frank Sullivan says:

    It’s not really a matter of whether Romney lied about leaving Bain in 1999 per se. It’s about whether Romney is responsible for many of the controversial actions that Bain took during the 1999-2003 period, including investing in companies that specialize in outsourcing, and investing in a company that specializes in disposing of aborted fetuses (among other things).

    I agree that these are mostly red herrings, but I think that the campaign is best understood as a side-show. These ads aren’t intended for you. The kinds of people whom these ads are targeting — undecideds in swing states — are mostly apolitical and apathetic. They will vote (because it’s their civic duty, or whatever), but don’t expect them to pay attention to the news in between elections, and if you start to talk to them about Debt-to-GDP ratios, austerity, interest rates, etc., you are going to lose their attention extremely quickly.

    You, on the other hand, are capable and willing to learn about the issues that affect policy and pay attention to what these candidates are doing now (and are likely to do in the future). You don’t learn about these candidates from ads; you learn about them from news articles, blogs, and books.

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