A Message from David Twede

I don’t think David will mind my posting this here, as I just want to show my support. What a courageous man to stand firm for truth.

Hello All.

I believe many of you have heard my name this past few days. Since last Sunday I have both been in contact with the press and have also attempted to reach out to the LDS church to make a compromise. My philosophy on that is written in a blog, which can be found again from the link on the MormonThink site under “What’s New”.

As I have indicated on the Tuesday entry, I tried to work with the church, and my leaders have completely ignored me. Thus, I’m taking my fight to the media, and there, hope to encourage the LDS church to repeal their decision to discipline me over my free speech.

MormonThink will stay put. And if I can help it, I will remain a member of record as managing editor. I hope the LDS church can open the tent bigger. A diverse view of its history, doctrines and foundation will serve it better than a narrowly defined, regimented policy against thinking persons. After all, it itself cannot even decide where it stands officially on why it denied the priesthood to the blacks, whether or not the entire or any single group of Amerindians are Lamanites or just the other race that was here already. If they can change their press releases and Book of Mormon introductions to reflect their own lack of understanding (a.k.a ignorance) then I believe the membership tent can be widened to include members who contribute to sites like MormonThink. We really aren’t any more threat to them than FARMS or Richard Bushman who acknowledge many of the same issues. We just don’t get a royalty or paycheck for doing it.

I have simultaneously posted to MormonDiscussions, RfM, StayLDS, Postmormon and LDS.NET forums, for completeness.


3 Responses to A Message from David Twede

  1. FireMountain says:

    The LDS Church is not in the business of honesty, it is in the business of “TRUTH”. I think that your hope of a “bigger tent” is naive. The men who make the decisions governing the institution would have to repeal their doctrine of infallibility in order to accomplish anything like what you hope for. However, that is extremely unlikely because the ramifications of doing so are untenable for the culture and structure of the church. The church as we now know it would cease to exist.
    It never ceases to amaze me how thinking people who study the church can understand it and the men who govern it so little.

  2. Lauriston Y. says:

    The big liars, the big propagandas,the big racists,the big zombifies, are all to discribe the mormonism. It will be cease to exist. Like the saying goes “The genie has one century after all it should degenerate. The mormonism is at end…

  3. When declining membership starts hurting, we will see change in the Church. Until then, forget it.

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