Official Word from MormonThink

MormonThink has issued the following press release:

“Last week, on September 11, 13 and 15, David [name deleted] the managing editor of posted a series of articles on the political history of the LDS Church, as it relates to Mitt Romney’s campaign and his stubbornness of keeping his tax forms secret.

“As managing editor, David is a life-long, fifth-generation Mormon in good standing.

“Then on September 16, his LDS Bishop, LDS Stake President and two Church executives brought David into [name of state deleted] Mormon Church offices at the [name of city deleted]-based congregation and interrogated him about his writings, telling him ‘Cease and desist, Brother [last name deleted’.’ In a letter they scheduled an excommunication “for apostasy” on September 30 at 7:30am, to remove David from the LDS church.

“During the interrogation, LDS leaders questioned David for not publishing his full name and hiding his identity. To the leaders, David insisted that, ‘In my heart I believe I am championing truth as I know it as managing editor of MormonThink.’

“The next question from them was: ‘Who are the other individuals you work with on MormonThink?’ They denied that they are on–in their word–‘a witch hunt’ but they continued demanding that David answer, ‘If people are truly interested in truth, as you say they are, then why would they hide their name or who they are?’

“Many of us have seen the harm openly raising doubts can cause with family, friends and community in the Mormon culture. David asked them why now, and how did they come up with his name so fast after posting the articles. They would only say they were ‘inspired.’ He’s since heard that a Mormon apologist tied to the BYU affiliated FAIR alerted leaders in Salt Lake City, with David’s identity.

“The quick action is being kept quiet by the LDS Church. Despite the harm it may cause him with his family and friends, David has decided that the public should be aware of what is happening within the walls of the Mormon Church to those that dissent during this ‘Mormon Moment.'”

I don’t have much to add other than to repeat that from what I’ve seen, MormonThink has been scrupulously accurate and fair in their discussions of LDS history and doctrine.


2 Responses to Official Word from MormonThink

  1. Odell Campbell says:

    The “Mormon Moment” appears to be very difficult to stage manage, kind of like stage managing a grizzly bear?

  2. Morgana says:

    As a huge fan of MormonThink, I wish David the best of luck. Here’s hoping his story gains traction with the media.

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