Top Ten Reasons for David Twede’s Church Discipline

10. “MormonThink”? The name alone sounds subversive and evil.

9. Since the Brigham City Temple was dedicated, Boyd K. Packer has a lot of time on his hands.

8. Anything to take people’s attention away from Mitt Romney’s imploding campaign.

7. Scott Gordon was worried that his reputation as an underhanded douchebag was slipping.

6.  Having solved the masturbation problems in his stake, President Pratt figured he’d start working on the apostates.

5. The church had determined that the site was doubleplustrue.

4.  John Lynch thought that drawing attention to a website with accurate information would make the church look even better than its already stellar image.

3. The voices in Thomas Monson’s head told him to ex Brother Twede.

2. President Pratt mistakenly thought that getting rid of MormonThink would stop those pornographic pop-ups from showing up on his computer.

1. Twede sent a doubting member to the most faith-destroying web site of them all:


15 Responses to Top Ten Reasons for David Twede’s Church Discipline

  1. FireMountain says:

    #10, definitely. Any faithful member knows that obedience does not require thinking.

  2. pollypinks says:

    Since they discipline people for all kinds of non issues, ya ever wonder why Mitt wasn’t called to the carpet as governor of Massachussetts for signing into legislation gay marriage? Is he more like me than he wants to admit, merely pandering to the evangelicals?

  3. figleaf says:

    Fantastic–keep up the good work!

  4. ChrisW says:

    This post is doublegood.

  5. Donna says:

    OMG this is hilarious! But I take issue with #6. No way has Pratt gotten that problem under control!

  6. mirabella7 says:


  7. GBSmith says:

    I think you’ve moved over into entertainment and away from reasoned discussion. Just an observation. Maybe if Twede hadn’t tried to pretend he was an active member and and then tried to subvert a person’s faith he’d still be an anonymous editior and and off the radar. Tough when you make a mistake and can’t figure who to blame it on.

  8. sheaf says:

    GBSmith: He subverted someone’s faith by sending them a link to a FAIR article. I would say that’s FAIR’s fault, not David’s. I know FAIR did far more to damage my faith than MormonThink did.

  9. GBSmith says:

    I’d guess it didn’t matter to the bishop and SP what he used. It’s just not something you can do and get away with.

  10. Truthy says:

    What a killjoy, GBSmith. No room in your heart for humor?

    And you’re saying that regardless of motivation, consulting or referring FAIR (the defacto apologetic arm of the Church) warrants disciplinary action? You’re out of touch.

    • GBSmith says:

      Motivation is the point. If you believe the NYTimes piece, Twede emailed the information to undermine the other person’s faith and as I said no bishop is going to stand by and let that happen. And I love humor, it just has to be funny.

      • runtu says:

        “And I love humor, it just has to be funny.” I can handle just about any criticism, but this wounds me to the core. 😉

  11. GBSmith says:

    As long as it only goes down to the core. If it was to the quick, I’d feel pretty bad. #8 was pretty good but then I’m a democrat.

  12. […] latest news out of church headquarters is that David Tweede (the Mormon Think guy) is too hot to […]

  13. […] there’s David Twede, former editor of MormonThink. As you may recall, he almost faced a disciplinary court of the JoCJoL-dS, but in the end, he resigned from the church in front of an audience at the […]

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