Getting to Know the World

Apropos of nothing, I stumbled across this little game on the BBC website.

How Well Do You Know the World?

It’s completely addictive (not good for an OCD/addiction-prone personality like me). What I like about it is that, after you’ve played it a little while, you really do start learning more about different places around the world.

I’ve learned to recognize where certain kinds of trees and plants are, and of course it helps to look at road signs and which side of the road the cars are driving. When I get stuck, my default is Australia.

Anyway, fun stuff.

3 Responses to Getting to Know the World

  1. ff42 says:

    My Son and I used to play this and got upset if we weren’t within METERS of the spot – sometimes it would take hours (yes indeed OCD). The above like helps on those Russian signs

  2. Robin Bishop says:

    Weekend Itinerary:

    Drop off Aluminum Cans at Idaho State University
    Put up Russian signs on palm trees.

  3. Tim says:

    HI found a Android mobile version which closes down if you try to look for help on your browser. Great challenge.

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