Conflict of Interest

Just noticed this little blurb about the Monson summons on the MormonThink web site: “Note: The MormonThink website is not involved in this private lawsuit. We merely report the news.”

Fair enough. But let’s look at the court document itself, which begins, “Information has been laid by Thomas Phillips of Kemp House, 152-160 City Road, London EC14 2 NX, UK.”

Who is this Thomas Phillips? you might ask. MormonThink reported on November 29, 2012, “Tom Phillips has agreed to act as the managing editor of MormonThink.”

Oh, that Thomas Phillips.

The frustrating thing to me is that I like the MormonThink web site. It’s as fair and balanced as anything out there, and yet they will forever be associated with Tom Phillips, who is anything but objective about the LDS church. Fairly or not, Mormons will now dismiss MormonThink as the site run by the guy who wanted to put Monson in jail. And that’s a damned shame.

Update: From David Twede’s (former managing editor of MormonThink) blog: “However, what Tom (primarily) and the MormonThink team (supportive) have done is truly amazing.”

Mormon apologists must be celebrating today, as Twede et al. have just given them a huge gift.


5 Responses to Conflict of Interest

  1. Robin Bishop says:

    Damning that Phillips is their new managing editor. If it ever was, their collective purpose for this internet source defies their own description of themselves on the site. How stupid can their management be? They must have a new business plan because the old one is now in the gutter. Thanks for helping the word get out

  2. Robin Bishop says:

    Prior to Phillips, why do you imagine that mainstream LDS would find MormonThink useful as you claim above?

    Clearly, after the Twede deception, the mainstream media is no longer naive about the organization’s true intent or the opinions of the revolving door managing editors. And with it, any content at the site is devalued further in light of that ongoing deception.

    • runtu says:

      No matter their intent, the site does provide both faithful and critical arguments, and it that sense it is relatively balanced, at least compared to everything else out there.

      • How so? I think Jan Shipps is balanced. I think Harold Bloom is balanced. I think Richard Bushman is balanced. I do not think Mormon Think is balanced at all.

      • Robin Bishop says:

        Everyone imagines they are entitled to their own opinion, based upon their own “facts”. I have found all kinds of people with all kinds of stories.

        Wise investigators knows all too well how limited their time is and don’t waste it in the failed activity of forming their spiritual selves from the anonymity found in web shadows. The quality investigator (champion) doesn’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice fed by the Spirit. And most important, they have the courage to follow the voice that travels from one heart to their own. They already know what they truly want to become. Everything else is secondary. Real knowledge, the knowledge needed to break through the cynicism and political moroseness so prevalent among the diffused anti-Mormon effort today requires that authentic way of being.

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