Waking Up to the Gay Agenda

The blogosphere is abuzz with discussion of A Well-Behaved Mormon Woman’s unmasking of the gay agenda behind Disney’s hit film, “Frozen.” I say it’s about time people woke up to the shameless propaganda that has been cunningly spoon-fed to an unwitting public for a very long time. “Frozen” is just the latest in a long line of subtle and not-so-subtle attempts to promote the pernicious ideology of tolerance for sexual deviants.

The drum beat promoting perversion has a long and storied history, such that most normal people haven’t even noticed it. Sure, we all understood the thinly veiled gay undertones in “Will and Grace” and the more overt propagandizing of the Teletubbies, but now the Hollywood elites are so confident that they have brainwashed the public that we are being treated to Johnny Weir coordinating his admittedly stunning wardrobe with clueless (hopefully) Tara Lipinski during the Olympics. Just shut up and offer color commentary, Johnny! Better yet, NBC, find a real man, such as Brian Boitano, to explain the difference between a triple lutz and a triple salchow. Enough with the fabulousness.

How did we get to this deplorable state of acceptance and tolerance? The answer, sadly, is that we’ve been there for a long time. Before Will and Grace there were George and Jerry (“not that there’s anything wrong with that”) pretending that their show was about nothing. Oh, it was about something, all right: destroying the family as we know it. Lulled into passivity, we refused to see the obvious sexual relationship between “Home Improvement’s” Tim Taylor and creepy neighbor Wilson, the fence between them a clear allusion to anonymous public restroom sex and “glory holes.”

In the 1980s, things were a little less blatant, though the daddy-boy relationship between Coach and Sam on “Cheers” was unmistakable; all that was missing was a dog collar and a leash. And even Bill Cosby, supposed guardian of family values, subverted traditional values by wearing flamboyant sweaters, perhaps presaging Johnny Weir’s ensembles. It has been suggested that Cosby’s sweaters were used to exchange coded pro-gay messages with Ted Knight, whose “Too Close for Comfort” character would respond by wearing college sweatshirts. I believe this demands further research, which I will report at a later date.

From the earliest days of television and film, gay couples have been featured in a very positive light: Cagney and Lacey, Bo and Luke Duke, Mork and Mindy (Come on, does anyone believe Mork had male genitalia? I wasn’t fooled!), Starsky and Hutch, Mr. Roarke and Tattoo, and so many others. A particularly brazen effort to normalize homosexuality came in the form of Felix Unger and Oscar Madison of “The Odd Couple,” who were the very personification of gay archetypes: Oscar the hyper-masculine “bear,” and Felix the effeminate proto-twink. And let’s not forget Bert and Ernie (shudder) or the homo-erotic tension that pervaded the Brady household.

We might attribute this eruption of pro-gay sentiment to the sexual revolution, which is what “polite” (cowardly) people called the collapse of family values in favor of unbridled hedonism and sexual abandon, but unfortunately, it’s been in our culture from the beginning.

I like to remember the 1950s as a more peaceful, ordered, chaste time in our nation’s history, when the few homosexuals there were stayed in their dark corners and black people knew the order of things. But the gay agenda coursed along like an underground stream filtering into our cultural consciousness. Martin and Lewis, Abbott and Costello, and Amos and Andy blazed glittering trails of in-your-face gayness, the latter pushing a Communist-inspired movement to erase racial boundaries and create a nation of mongrels. And don’t get me started on that sick, twisted foursome of Ricky, Fred, Ethel, and Lucy.

I could go on and on, from Laurel and Hardy to Dorothy and Glinda (I know I’m not alone in seeing that one!) to Lincoln and Douglas to our founding fathers. The perverted even infected our nation’s Constitution with their sickness, insisting that a president was not enough but that we needed a “vice” president to serve “together” with the president. (Perhaps it’s time to amend article II of the Constitution to avoid such unseemly promotion of same-sex couples).

In the face of this onslaught of deviance, normal people must be vigilant and proactive, or we may find our most cherished institutions promoting sexual deviance. We expect our priests and vicars to be chaste and heterosexual, as they always have been. And we will never allow missionaries to serve in same-gender couples.


11 Responses to Waking Up to the Gay Agenda

  1. Camille Biexei says:

    Thanks! (wiping tears of laughter) Whew. I needed that.

  2. vikingz2000 says:

    I’ve ALWAYS suspected that them there Teltubbies were pokin’ and bonkin’ around and into something unspeakably unholy, but Barack and Joe! That one went right under my radar, I’ll tell ya. Well, at least we can say thank goodness those two will never be able to produce any mongrels.

  3. Julie M. says:

    Each paragraph was more hilarious than the last. Thanks of the laughs, Runtu!

  4. Julie M. says:

    Correction: Thanks FOR the laughs

  5. pinkagendist says:

    Superb, distilled genius.

  6. Is this really news? At any given point someone of some religious POV is saying something silly (the Taliban have a thing about ankles apparently), if it were not Mormon would you have referenced it?

    • runtu says:

      I referenced it because it’s been talked about all over the place in the news. Would you have objected had this woman not been Mormon?

      • Yeah, I probably would have. The woman is so far afield that even mentioning her gives some level of credibility to the POV. I was looking for similar ex- movements to compare to ex-Mormons, and I found one ex-Judaism site, but it was a woman who converted from Judaism to Christianity, and it was a Stormfront website (white supremacists). I did not think it was worth mentioning, ever, since I do not see any reason to give people like that airtime.

        People also talk about the Kardashians all over the news, but I do not see anything redeeming in their activities, so why join the masses wallowing in whatever muck is being raked today?

        I actually saw Frozen this weekend, I missed it at the theater, but it was cute. Some people see gay in everything, why validate them?

      • runtu says:

        Just curious, but did you complain to the Salt Lake Tribune, the Huffington Post, the Ogden Standard-Examiner, the Mormon Dialogue board, the Portland Mercury, Exponent, the Cultural Hall, the Houston Press, Robert Kirby, Instinct Magazine, Yahoo UK, Malaysian Digest, or any of the other numerous web sites and news outlets who covered this? Or was it just me? I enjoyed writing what I thought was a humorous and appropriate response to that woman’s nonsense, and I don’t even think I mentioned her religion other than to note the name of her blog. Idiocy is idiocy, and sometimes it’s a good thing to point it out, and sometimes it’s just fun to write something a little snarky and funny. I understand that some people don’t share my sense of humor, but that’s neither here nor there. My little response did not give her any more attention than she was already getting, and I had fun with it.

        As for your insistence that you could find nothing comparable to the ex-Mormon “movement,” you must not be trying very hard. Google ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses, for one; ex-Scientologists, ex-Hasidim, ex-Church of Christ, and so on. I know, they must all be bitter, evil people fighting against the true church.

      • I simply think it is unhealthy. You have family and children who believe in things you mock. That cannot simply end here. The snark and bitterness likely slips through in ways you do not realize. I did not mention the silly anti-gay thing anywhere else, because I thought it was absurdly silly, and again, why give her the recognition?

        I found plenty of people who had left organizations, but no ex- movements with as much anger as the Mormons. As I said, I know plenty of lapsed and unbelieving Jews, but no ex-Judaism websites, besides the one neo-Nazi one. Even ex-Hassidim are not a movement, per se.

  7. Brett says:

    You had me scratching my head for a second there….I get it…well done my friend….your dialogue wit and humor kind of turned me on.

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