Name Change?

So, I was listening to church PR spokesperson Ally Isom’s RadioWest interview with Doug Fabrizio, and I was intrigued by her suggestion that the problem with “Ordain Women” is that it was in the imperative mood, as if Kate Kelly and her colleagues were dictating to the Brethren what the church should do. Apparently, things would have gone much differently for Ms. Kelly had she used a different grammatical construction. Perhaps, “It might possibly be a good idea to ordain women, maybe.  I don’t know. I could be wrong, Whatever you want to do. I’m good.” Or maybe like Jeopardy it could have been put in the form of a question: “What is, Ordaining Women?”

Now I find that it’s not just Kate Kelly, John Dehlin, and Rock Waterman who are getting hauled in by their bishops and stake presidents. Jana Riess and a woman known only as “Dana” have been summoned to meet with their priesthood leaders on account of their online posting. Meanwhile, I keep checking my email, and nothing’s happening. When I go out to my mailbox, I’m finding pizza coupons and unimportant stuff like my son’s report card. What the hell does a guy have to do to get a disciplinary council?

Then it hit me: My blog name isn’t commanding enough. It doesn’t pop. Ally Isom isn’t going to read “Runtu’s Rincon” and think, “That dude’s got it in for the Brethren.” So, maybe it’s time for a change. I’ve thought of a few possibilities:

Follow Runtu. He knows the way!
Choose the Runtu!
Preach my Runtu
Praise to the Runtu
Return with Runtu
Any criticism of Runtu is wrong, even if it’s true
Beware the Runtu behind the smiling eyes

A friend came up with these:
Come, Come Ye Runtu
Hold to the Runtu!
Oh, Be Runtu!
Bow Your Heads and Say Runtu
Raise Your Runtu to the Square


6 Responses to Name Change?

  1. Froggie says:

    Hold to the Runtu? Do we have to get permission from your spouse first?

  2. Camille Biexei says:

    You could only be taken seriously (be seen as a threat) if anybody in Mormondom understood the name. You know, some familiar and righteous sounding name. Oh, like, Runti or Runter. Or maybe Runtum.

  3. Jenny says:

    In my opinion JD is committing suicide by cop. I predict he will be the new crowned Exmo King. He will be just so so so sad that he was ex’d and will milk it for all it is worth.

    • Camille Biexei says:

      I tend to agree, but I hope I am wrong. I knew all of the “September 9”, some of them quite well. For some of them, their excommunication or disfellowshipment was the best thing the Church could have done for them. (Talk about “milking”.) However, I do not personally know Dehlin.

  4. Craig says:

    Put your Runtu to the Wheel
    I Heard Him Runtu
    I’ll Build You a Runtu
    While of These Runtu We Partake

  5. Berk says:

    Runtu, I’m new to your posts. Love your thoughts. Also loved your book. Your writing is as prolific as a polygamist with a pocket full of viagra. Please respond to me by email. I’d love to re-connect. I’m an old friend from Longwood. No, I’m not going to drop off your invitation to a court of love. I’d just have a handful of more pizza coupons for you. Sorry.

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