Joseph Smith’s Wives: An Algorithm

I can’t decide if this is an example of Poe’s Law or just an indication of someone’s complete misunderstanding of how historical evidence works, but, to steal a word, it is “amusing.”

Joseph’s Wives – an Algorithm

It’s worth pointing out that, if we apply this algorithm to John Bennett and Sarah Pratt, the likelihood of any sexual relationship between them is exceedingly small. Much smaller than, say, the likelihood that Joseph Smith was sleeping with Emily Partridge. And imagine if we were to apply this algorithm to the unfounded assertion that Nancy Winchester was seduced or raped by the Bennett sex ring.

I’m sure someone out there is going to say I’m being mean or vilifying or persecuting another person. That’s not it at all. Once again, if you’re going to make claims based on historical evidence, you must actually provide historical evidence. It’s not enough to “propose” something or use the subjunctive mood; your claims must have some basis in documentary evidence, or they cannot be taken seriously at all.

I’m still waiting, though not holding my breath.


2 Responses to Joseph Smith’s Wives: An Algorithm

  1. Steelhead says:

    How does the Bill Clinton-Lewinski relationship score?

    I did not have sex with that woman.

  2. jiminpanama says:

    I was just going to add Bill Clinton and not inhaling. Seems odd to me that if he had no sex with the plurals, he was the only one. Why would Brigham have 57 kids, Heber Kimball 60, but Joseph none. Maybe he forgot to tell the others these were marriages of celestial convenience.

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