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I’ve just been made aware of a new web site, , which basically aggregates links to a lot of resources across the spectrum of LDS belief and lack thereof. I think it can be a valuable resource.


ETA: Based on a cursory reading of the site’s content, I erroneously judged it to be skewed towards the ex-Mormon perspective. I was wrong, and I apologize for my premature judgment.


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  1. jeanikins says:

    If they do in fact ‘skew’ towards ex-Mormons as you say, I believe it is because they have been ‘broken’ by looking at the facts. Many have lost loved ones from their lives and are now reaching out to those they love. This is an enormous step forward in healing the huge divide in family relationships and friendships.

    They do not want past narratives to determine their relationships with those who do not agree on faith traditions. This effort has it’s genesis in those who have left the Church in an effort bring about a reconciliation.

    It is truly a remarkable thing. Eliminating hate and focusing on normal differences in the way we see things, is healing – something that our world needs so badly.

    Thank you to the people responsible for this great resource of reconciliation.

    • runtu says:

      I wasn’t making a value judgment about the site, just noting for my readers that it’s not a pro-LDS site.

      • jeanikins says:

        It has a whole list of places for people to search depending on their current status. It is for Mormons of all stripes. I merely explained that IF your assessment was indeed the case –
        “My impression is that they skew toward ex-Mormons in their approach” – this explanation I offered is the reason why it may appear to skew that way.
        Any offering from outside the faithful perspective might be viewed that way – but I know that is not the intent and felt it necessary to offer that perspective. Peace and love my friend.

  2. Alison says:

    “My impression is that they skew toward ex-Mormons in their approach”

    Why do you get that impression? Did you read the About page on the website – the site was created for exploring, unorthodox and post & ex Mormons. It offers a myriad of links to all sorts of stuff, including official church things as well the range of aplogetic to post & ex. It has no agenda but rather explains what these different kinds of Mormons are like and offers resources/support and an in-person directory in order to help them find what they are looking for.

    “I wasn’t making a value judgment about the site, just noting for my readers that it’s not a pro-LDS site.”

    What exactly is not pro-LDS about the site? It offers support and links to all sorts of stuff from people that remain believing/engaged and active within the church?

    • runtu says:

      I don’t know, I was just reading the overview of orthodox Mormons, and it seemed to be a little disdainful.

      • Alison says:

        The entire design of the website was done to be user driven and to feel safe and comfortable for the user. That meant we had to create sections/areas and distinguish in order to separate content. This way the user gets to select the area they want to go into and therefore the type of content they will see. So on one end of the spectrum you have the most orthodox – those that ONLY use/trust/are aware of official correlated material (we are talking about the stuff at church, in General Conference and in the manuals we use at church). This is the most traditional, believing member and as a result in this section we ONLY list official correlated church stuff. The exploring area then encompasses members that are becoming aware of uncorrelated stuff and issues. Then you have the unorthodox member who is fully aware and continues to maintain an affilliation (whatever that means to them) to the church. On the other end you have the post & ex Mormon.

        We are very clear about who we are trying to help: exploring, unorthodox and post & ex Mormons. We aren’t trying to do that with the orthodox member because according to our overview language/definitions/sections that person is receiving their resources/support from the church. We’d love to have orthodox members use and find value in the site since it’s a handy reference to lots of official church sites, but we don’t anticipate they will come to the site since they only rely and use official church stuff.

        It’s very challenging to create a website designed to provide a safe, comfortable user driven design that is supporting all these different kinds of people. That most orthodox, traditional language is at one end of the spectrum and of course someone in that space may not be comfortable with some of those descriptions. It’s hard when you are in that space to recognize this as honestly you aren’t aware of what you don’t know. I hope you take the time to read the overview language for the other sections and to review all the links. There is a huge wide variety included in here.

      • runtu says:

        Well, I’m sorry if I misunderstood. It’s been a busy day, and I’ve had time only to skim it.

      • Alison says:

        Hopefully you”ll have more time at some point to more thoroughly review it. You don’t have to apologize – I was sincerly trying to understand why you felt it was slanted and not pro-Mormon. I appreciate you explaining that you haven’t had much time to peruse it and hope that your viewpoint will change once you’ve had a chance to do that. We tried very hard to provide a well balanced resource library with our goals of supporting those in the spectrum. It will make some people uncomfortable to have it all here in one spot and to extend that support no matter what your affiliation with the church is.

        As to Jean’s comment above another big goal was to bridge the misunderstandings out there between different parts of the spectrum. We wanted to show that in one place we can extend respect, support and resources for those in the spectrum. We hope it helps explain those spaces better for those trying to understand their friends and loved ones.

      • runtu says:

        I’ll take a look when I have time. Today was the first time I’d heard of the site, and I spent maybe 3 minutes skimming through it. so I apologize for the hasty judgment.

    • runtu says:

      I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with your approach. That was just my impression on skimming through it. If I had an issue with it, I wouldn’t have linked to it. It’s all good from here.

  3. jeanikins says:

    What you have written seems like sabotaging the efforts of good people to create a space for ‘Mormons of all stripes’, before anyone has a chance to form their own opinions.
    I’m disappointed with those words and you know that I think very highly of you. Please re-think and recognize that your opinion counts with many people.

  4. CAB says:

    My impression is that if it is “skewed,” it is more on the side of pro-Mormon, not ex-Mormon.
    I think the creators have leaned over backwards to make it inviting and fair to all parties. Because active Mormons tend to be rather sensitive to what might possibly be perceived as anti-Mormon, that is understandable. As many of us know, they have a tendency to take offense quite easily.
    Although I understand the possible motives, I would prefer it to be less weighted toward the active Mormon. But I freely admit that neutrality concerning the church is not even a possibility for me.

  5. jeanikins says:

    Your apology is accepted and I hope you will take a next step to add that apology to your blog. I love you my friend. We all err in judgment from time to time. A 3 minute skim is like reading the inside cover of a book and judging it. I read your whole book, “Heaven Up Here” from cover to cover before offering up an opinion on it. I love it and highly recommend it to exploring Mormons. I never recommend it to orthodox Mormons. Please do the right thing now.

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