Fund for Matt and Mary

August 30, 2017


My daughter and son-in-law were flooded out by Hurricane Harvey over the weekend. My wife is with them because my daughter had foot surgery last week, so she needed help with the baby. They were evacuated by kayak on Saturday but are safe and sound, staying with friends.

At its peak, the water was 4 feet deep in their home. With help from their church, they were able to move the furniture upstairs before the house flooded. But their washer/dryer, refrigerator, oven, kitchen cabinets, carpets, flooring, and car are all total losses. and a lot of the drywall will have to be replaced. The photos attached are from yesterday, as the water had started to recede.

They do not have flood insurance, so most of the flood damage will not be covered. We’ve set up a fund for people to donate and help them get back into their home. Please help if you can.

Thank you!

Fund for Matt and Mary

ETA: If I can get a total of $500 from readers of this blog, I promise to start writing regularly (at least once a week) again.