You May Have Already Won!

July 1, 2010

Flush from the success of launching its new magazine, “Inspire,” Al-Qaeda is rushing ahead with a series of new magazines designed to appeal to different demographics. I was lucky enough to receive an advance copy of some of the new titles.

Ladies Home Jihad

This one is loaded (no pun intended) with helpful tips for today’s busy homemaker and jihadist. Learn how to keep your man happy while still finding time to be a mom and a roadside bombmaker. See the latest jihadist fashions, recipes, and fitness programs.

Martyr Trend

What man doesn’t like cars and explosions? This photo-packed glossy features the latest in automotive hardware from Detroit and around the world.

Boys’ Death

Let’s not leave out the kids! Boys everywhere will love this one, which is chock full of ideas for summer recreation: hiking, camping, shooting, you name it.


My personal favorite, O shows the softer side of Osama bin Laden. Sharing his love of good books (Nicholas Sparks is a favorite), fine dining, and weapons of mass destruction, Osama shows why he is one of today’s most popular speakers and entrepreneurs.

Publishers seemed unfazed that their target audience of readers has a short life expectancy (particularly if they follow the guidelines in the articles). “We’ll just have to work hard to sell magazines,” editor in chief Adam Gadahn shrugged. “Maybe we can do a sweepstakes–you know, like Publishers Clearning House.”